Professional photographer and actress couple give up their successful businesses to embark on an around-the-world adventure to make the world a better place. Through their acts of kindness, they hope to inspire a generation and change the world.

For years, Filip Cederholm had ran a successful photography studio in Stockholm, but as the years rolled by and the shoots kept coming he began asking himself what it was all for. “Why is it that I have so much and others around the world have so little? Can’t something be done to help?”

Thinking about the change he wanted to see and realizing his specific abilities with photography and experience shooting in challenging areas, the concept to use his skills with the camera to help others was a natural transgression.

In 2011 Filip founded Peace Love and Photography and slowly began the downsizing of his studio in Stockholm. Soon after the project was conceived, the beginning of the ABC Charity project began.

The goal of ABC charity was to travel the globe taking photos of 500+ students at a time who would arrange themselves in the shape of a letter of the modern English alphabet. After the arrangement was finalized, a photo is then taken and made available on the charity’s website for purchase, with 100% of the proceeds generated going towards various charities in each of the countries visited.

“The goal is to show people that all a person needs in order to change the world is an idea and the willpower to see it through. It is our dream to help to inspire people to change the world as they see fit,” Filip tells us.

Soon after the inception of Peace Love and Photography, Filip was working on a photo-shoot in Toronto where he met the talented actress Ashley Copper. Ashley was a successful actress featured all across Canada and with a bright future on the big screen, but even in the limelight she also had reservations about her path and its effect on the world.

They soon realized their passions were intertwined and they could work together to achieve the international change they both sought.

After deciding to work together on this project, they immediately began planning for the first letter “A”, with South Africa being the chosen host of the first letter. Soon after, articles were published in Swedish newspapers and magazines which garnered their initial following.

Social media accounts have been extremely helpful in spreading the word internationally and gaining support.

“In the beginning it was only the two of us, writing the stories, contacting media for interviews, arranging all of the logistics – with only Filip and I working for the project, it was extremely tiring but we kept it going and now we are gaining support from the many communities we are working with”, Filip explains.

It was a tough start, but the hard work is paying off as the couple have now completed the letter “G” in Thailand. As their success and popularity grow, charities and organizations from around the world have begun contacting them to be a part of future letters.

“It is extremely exciting that it is now taking hold and our message, ‘Together, we can make a difference’ is proving even more true with the support we’re receiving,” Filip tells.


Ashley and Philip traveled to Krabi this past February in order to shoot the “G” in their alphabet.  Their shoot in Krabi was met with a great amount of support from the entire Krabi community. The Mayor, Mr. Keratisak Phukaoluan, arranged the donation and logistics of a crane in order to hoist the couple into the air so they could get the photo as well as the police and security on duty for safety reasons. A local school agreed to have their students participate by turning the day into a “field trip” and a local tour operator helped with the transportation of all the students involved.

Their message was loud and clear – in Krabi, together we truly can make a difference. Krabi Magazine asked them a few questions on why they choose Krabi.

“I came to Krabi a few years ago on holiday among many other places around Thailand and this place always stuck in my head as one of the most special and unique places in Thailand, not only the physical landscape but the people, food and general energy of this place is unlike any other place I’ve been to in Thailand.”

The size and scale of the project is unheard of; never before has an undertaking of this magnitude been achieved in the name of art and charity.

26 different locations across the globe are being reviewed for viability and arrangements are currently underway. Some of the proposed locations are:

  • Israel
  • Palestine
  • Lebanon
  • Jordan
  • Cambodia
  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Zimbabwe/Zambia
  • Democratic Republic of Congo

“We are talking with many more countries and arranging the details, but the above list will keep us busy for at least 6 months, so this is a good start” Ashley says.

ABC Charity aims to raise 10 million USD for a myriad of charities that have helped Ashley and Filip during the course of this project. The plan is to raise funds through sales of the photographs on their website. As letters are completed, the final photos are uploaded to the ABC Charity website and made available to the public for purchase in a variety of sizes.

An amazing aspect of this project is the personal connection it will offer to donors, those who wish to purchase photographs will have the ability to choose which charity their purchase goes to support.

“We want there to be an immediate connection between the charities and the people purchasing the photos,” Ashley explains. “When people choose to purchase a photo from our website they can then choose from a list of charities where they want the money from their purchase to go.”

The current project is scheduled for completion in 2016, but afterwards the couple plans to do another alphabet and continue their work all around the globe.

For any questions or information you would like to ask Ashley and Filip, send an email to:

They can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook accounts by searching for “peace love and photography” on either platforms.