Wattanapat Medical hospital came to Krabi some years ago to expand it’s coverage over the region by opening a small clinic on the main street in Ao Nang. They opened the clinic to bring the standards and quality Wattanapat is so famous for in their main hospital in Trang to our small beach town of Ao Nang.

Since opening their flagship clinic Wattanapat has decided to open a new hospital just on the outskirts of Ao Nang in the quiet hilltop regions of Klong Heang, for now the project is just in the planning stages, but final sign off is around the corner with building due to start in the next 2-3 months.

Medical Clinic Krabi

Wattanapat in the meantime has decided to move it’s flagship clinic to a new location just opposite the famous Krabi Resort. “This new location is larger, it’ provides us two floors to offer many different rooms for various purposes, our new location is also full of glass allowing plenty of natural light inside giving a new energy and feeling to our staff and patients” The Clinic Manager Pawanee Masosod tells.

The clinic itself is managed by a group of highly dedicated medical professionals. Two discos call this clinic home, 4 nurses, 2 doctors and 1 ambulance driver. A team plenty large to cover all of the needs of such a clinic.

This past month Krabi Magazine got the chance to meet them in person and ask them some questions about themselves and about Wattanapat clinic.

Krabi Wattanapat Medical

Dr. Wuttipong Saisuwan

KM: When did you start studying medicine?

– I started studying when I was 20 years old in 2007 in Chiang Mai University where I am from

KM: Do you come from a medical family (was your father or mother a doctor)?

– No I am the first member of my family to study medicine.

KM: Why do you like this line of work?

– I like to help people, I like to do things that seem impossible and change peoples lives for the better.

KM: Is Wattanapat hospitals your first company you worked with?

– No, before Wattanapat hospitals I worked in Masod hospital on the boarder of Myanmar working with many refugees, helping them with a  variety of illnesses and injuries. I also worked in Ranong in similar settings. I worked in these hospitals for about 3 years, then I came to Krabi to work at Wattanapat.

KM: What is your specialisation?

– I don’t have a specialisation, I am a general practitioner.

KM: Would you like to become specialised in a certain field in the future?

– Yes I think so someday in the future, but at the moment, I enjoy being a general practitioner, because I can help cure a range of ailments and issues for people, it required a much boarder knowledge base which challenges me everyday which I enjoy.

KM: What is your stance on alternative medicine?

– I have studied many different fields of medicine, the mainstream methods as well as many alternative methods such as acupuncture, homeopathy, dietary and lifestyle changes, all of these methods have proven effective for certain patients and I will continue to work with alternative medicine when needed.

Krabi Wattanapat Medical

With this being a new clinic for Wattanapat in Ao Nang, offering many services and products for patients, lets talk fora minute with the head nurse and clinic manager about the clinic.

KM: What is your name:

– My name is: Pawanee Masosod

KM: How long have you been working at Wattanapat clinic?

– I have been working at Wattanapat clinic for nearly two years

KM: How many people which work in the Wattanapat medical clinic?

– 2 nurse assistant, 2 nurses, 1 ambulance driver, 2 doctors

Krabi Wattanapat MedicalKM: What are the hours of the clinic?

– The clinic is open daily from 9 am – 9 pm, but our staff are on standby 24 hours a day and can be reached on our office line, in case of an emergency we can bring the ambulance to anyones hotel or villa, from there we can bring patients to out clinic is Ao Nang or if more serious directly to our hospital in Trang.

KM: What kind of services can you provide patients?

  • Bandaging and simple would treatment
  • Blood testing
  • X-Ray’s
  • Reseting bone features or breaks
  • Suture application and removal
  • IV fluid
  • Stomach aches and food poisoning

KM: What do you do if patients com to your Ao Nang clinic and need extensive treatment?

– We have our main hospital in Trang which is about 2 hours from Ao Nang, in Trang we have many specialist doctors who are available to conference call with patients in Ao nang saving them the trip to Trang in order to receive specific information on a particular ailment or illness.

Wattanapat Ao Nang clinic is leading the way in medical treatment in Ao Nang, from their parent hospital in Trang to their dedicated staff at their Ao Nang clinic they are here to help, so please don’t feel shy to call them and make an appointment, they accept many international insurers at both of their locations.