As part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, Vogue Resort & Spa Ao Nang and Amari Vogue Krabi have teamed up to assist the local community in alleviating poverty and protecting the region’s biodiversity through their Plan Bee programme. Khun Phusit, Resort Manager for Vogue Resort & Spa, Ao Nang tells us more about the project.

The objectives of Plan Bee are:
  • To help alleviate poverty and protect our biodiversity by providing rural community with practical  training  and  tools  to  earn  a  supplementary  income  while  sustaining  healthy Asian honeybee populations through beekeeping.
  • To educate the younger generation about biodiversity and beekeeping.
The process of Plan Bee includes:
  • Engaging twelve villagers from different families with the lowest income of the village – six of which should be women, through an interview process. Introduce beekeeping to a school, training the teachers and students on the importance of biodiversity and beekeeping.
  • Provide a two-day training, to be conducted by Khun Dolrohman Noom-Oui (Apiarist).
  • The selected twelve villagers and the school will each receive two hives and other start-up tools.
  • In return, these villagers and the school will offer two bottles of honey from their first harvest to us, and in turn they can choose to use the honey as their corporate gifts or sell it to Amari.
  • Regarding their following harvests, they will be able to sell the honey to whom they want, whilst it helps promote Amari properties, as a supply chain initiative.
amari-1The results of Plan Bee

The best example of seeing the results is to review the progress from our first year’s villagers and school.

The villagers that were first trained in 2013 are now successful honey producers. The image to the left shows their products which have been nominated as an OTOP (One Tambon One Product) product for their subdistrict.






amari-2The children and teachers from Baan Nai Nang School (บ้านไหนหนัง) can be very proud of their accomplishments. They were also trained in 2013 and have proven to be very creative and industrious. Producing not only honey but making natural honey soaps carefully packaged and presented.

They represented Krabi Province for a ‘Student Art and Craft Fair’ competition and eventually were sent to Bangkok to present their products and were rewarded with the winner for all provinces of Thailand.



The initial group of twelve villagers started the program with twenty four hives, two each as per the project plan. At this day, they own approximately 650 hives.

Overall we are extremely happy with the accomplishments and success of all stakeholders.

Even the bees must be happy with their role in protecting and maintaining biodiversity.