In a different life Ajarn Etetait was a man who went to work, school, and hung out with friends. He was an ordinary man some would say. A man who was going through the steps of life on his own, playing by the rules and living according to the way society thought it fit. Always holding a certain artistic character in his heart but where to let out this part of his soul? 

After school and following a strict adherence to playing by the rules, he decided to break the mold, to become one closer to a higher powers and living a life of simplicity. He did this by joining the Sati monk-hood. Living a life of simplicity in Bangkok he followed the sacred monk lifestyle and found great solace and serenity. Although his life still felt unsettled. He felt a desire to be with nature and away from the numerous people of Bangkok pursuing an internet power to be alone and free of worry and stress. He did this by leaving Bangkok, and moving to Krabi province.

Ajarn Etetait Krabi Cave

His fascination with a connection to his inner self, and a want to better understand the world around him led him to develop a close connection with Buddhism. In Thailand every male is encouraged to join a monkshood for at least a period of a few months, to spend time among those less fortunate, learn form them and grow as an individual. During his time in the monk hood Ajarn Etetait found his calling. A compete and utter devotion to a power beyond him, a connection he could nurture, cherish and learn from. His time at the temple also allowed for him to dedicate time to his inner artist, time to paint, sculpt, shape and alter what he saw around him in order to create a perfect harmony.

Ajarn Etetait Cave

Ajarn Etetait seems to have this unique ability to channel godly powers through his body, to alter the world around him as he allows for this unseen power to come through him and release a wave of creativity and vigor pushing him to create. Often during these channeling he is given the will to create tattoos, to create beauty on ones skin. These tattoo’s come in a range of styles and imagery ranging from images of buddha to dragons and other animals. These moments when he is given the strength and power to create a tattoo are rare but do occur time to time, the recipient on them he is to work is chosen by the power which channels through him, and these tattoos are seen as a blessing by the local’s around his home.

After coming to Krabi sometime ago Ajarn Etetait found solace at the steps of the backside of Klang cave located just outside the greater Ao Nang area in Ao Luk. Klang Cave has started to gain recognition from the surrounding areas (Ao Nang and Phuket primarily) as a cave with deep water and perfect for underwater exploration as well as just general spelunking around in the dark with one of the local guides.

Ajarn Etetait

Ajarn Etetait chose the backside of Klang Cave because when he was walking in the forest one day he saw the opening to a cavern like area but the cavernous holes was filled to the brim with water and inaccessible (or so he thought). After spending more time in the area he felt a connection with the backside of Klang cave more and more, a burning desire he could feel flowing through him to create a center of worship for those wishing to spend time with him and develop this cave as an area of worship.

The most fascinating part to Ajarn Etetait story is that the building process for him is driven yet again by this massive power, this drive, the rush and inspiration channeled through him by this higher power. When a channel comes to him, his body and mind are sent into a trance like state, when he returns an overwhelming sense of inspiration comes over him, again the desire to create and build. This is how he has build this amazing temple are nearly by himself, through an out of body power and inspiration.

Ajarn Etetait Cave

We got the chance to explore some of the immense cave which Ajarn Etetait has chosen to build his temple and start his new life in. The saves are deep, stretching over 2 kilometers in length and that is just what has been mapped, so there is a lot more to explore and see. With limited time we were not able to make it so far into the depths of the caves but in future trips we plan to make a further trip.

Ajarn Etetait is a practicing vegan who recommends all hose living on this planet try to enjoy a harmonious and balanced life.

This is the first of many trips to the sacred Wat Tam Klang temple, stay tuned to future stories emerging from the dark caverns.

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All that is required if you join Adrian on his trips to Wat Tam Klang is that you visit his favorite Vega restaurant with him afterwards.