Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from 6pm – 10pm Krabi Town is hope to the famous outdoor Krabi Night Market (or Thanon Khon Dern in Thai).

Outdoor night markets are not only found in Krabi, there are a number of markets all throughout the country. Probably one of the most well knowns outdoor markets is in Chiang Mai. 

Krabi Town Night Market is certainly one of the must do activities while visiting Krabi as there is a little something for everyone. From the varied food available at every corner of Krabi Night Market to the unique souvenirs available only at the Krabi Town Night Market to the entertaining performances every night it’s a great time for everyone.

When is the Krabi Night Market? 

Krabi Night Market is scheduled ever Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm – 10pm, every weekend of the year. There will be occasional days when there is rain and this makes the market subjective to closure, but this is all dependent on the severity of the rain. a light shower usually the market will stay open, if it’s a torrential downpour usually the place will close up. you have to use your judgement here, do you think it’s a good day to walk outside in the rain? Most others will feel the same. Aside from the rain the Krabi Night Market is open every weekend during there year, there is no holiday or public service days which are taken off.

What to do at Krabi Night Market:

What is there not to do here? Walk, Shop, Eat, Drink, Sit, Talk and have a good time. There are a number of things to do at Krabi Town Night Market. As it s busy place with a hugh variety of good to buy and dishes to taste, we recommend you keep moving, take one lap of the market (usually takes around 20 minutes) to get an idea of what you can get, then make you mind up and on the second lap buy something. 

Where to sit at the Krabi Night Market?

There is a  large central courtyard at the market, in this courtyard there are around 100 simple plastic tables set up for sitting and enjoying the nightly performances. As we said earlier though the market is busy, there are usually 1,000-2,000 people that come to the market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So with the large groups of people there is some competition for the tables in the courtyard with this being said we recommend you send someone in your group to stake out a table for the group before there are none left. If you don’t get a seat don’t worry you can always eat while standing up or just walking, but there is also general understanding that others need tables so most people will not spend all night at their table. It is coming surtosy to finish you meal, maybe have a beer and a laugh afterwards then move on. So the whole courtyard is constantly revolving, there are people coming and going all the time, so if you want a seat and there are none to be had, just wait one will open up. 

On the contrary there are a number of bars which surround the walking and shopping areas which are open and available to seating. The only thing is that you have to buy drinks from the establishments but generally bringing in street food found at the market is not an issue. 

What to buy at Krabi Night Market?

When people come to Krabi and want to purchase unique souvenirs, Krabi Night Market is always the place we recommend people visit. There are artists that can do caricature paintings in a number of minutes (literally!) there are unique buttons, T-shirts, jelerery, table top decorations and so much more that you can buy only at the Krabi Night Market. Also we cannot say exactly what is going to be on display at the Krabi Night Market as this is always changing, there are new merchants and artists coming in putting their good on display, so although there are a number of staples always found at the Krabi Town Night Market, there are also a number of new sellers at present.

What to Eat at Krabi Night Market?

What not to eat?! Literally there is nearly every style of Thai food on display at the market. From the traditional spicy Southern Thai curries to the more sweet and vegetable fish curries of Chain Mai to the dry sticky rice based dishes from Northeast (Issan) Thailand, there is nothing but options here. There is not only Thai food thought, there is a burger, kebab, sushi and a number of BBQ stalls at every market. So there is nothing but variety, I guess we’d say the issue is not what to eat, but what NOT to eat. Typically we recommend you browse the market and pick 2-3 things out per person, then all come back to your table and share among the group everything you have bought, so this way everyone can taste each region of Thailand.

How to get to Krabi Night Market:

1. From Manutboraan intersection: on Maharat Road heading to Krabi Town passing left along Vouge Department Store, here comes “Walking Street”. On the first Soi (Maharat Soi 8) to the end of Soi, you’ll find several souvenir shops along the road with activities area, dining tables and onstage shows.

2. From Ao Nang : flag down a taxi or songthaew along main street in Ao Nang, it costs 50 baht per person during day time and when going back to Ao Nang, catch the taxi/songthaew in front of 7-Eleven or the main entrance of the market, which costs 60 baht at night.

Krabi town at Maharat Soi 8 (behind the Vogue Department Store), Maharat Rd.

Fri – Sun from 05.00 pm. – 10.00 pm.