Muay Thai is one of those Krabi activities which can be seen all throughout the news, in gyms all across the globe and also all over Thai television. It’s an essential part to Thai culture and a sign of utmost respect for foreign fights who step into the ring.

People come from all over the world to witness this amazing sport in it’s rawest form. With fighters coming to train for sometimes 1 year in length, every morning waking with the sun and beginning their grueling routine of kicking bags, shadow boxing and running, preparing them for their next fight. With Muay Thai boxing having grown so much in main stream media it’s a great activity to see an actual fight take place.

Krabi is home to Southern Thailand largest fighting arena with seating for up to 2,000 people. Fighters come from all over Southern Thailand to train and fight at the iconic Krabi Muay Thai Stadium.

Fights are every Monday and Friday nights at 9pm, on each night 9 fights are scheduled with the 7th fight being the big fight, so hold on, if you’re off to see a muay Thai fight it’s going to be a fun and intense night in Krabi.

to see a Thai boxing fight up close and personal visit their website: