Ao Nang beach is full of wonderful gifts.  There are restaurants, massage huts, kayak rentals, and at the south end is a temple that houses a troop of monkeys who wait for the tourists to feed them, in spite of the “Do not feed the monkey” signs…

But there is one small, inauspicious hut just before this temple that seems to stand out.  Arrows pointing to “Mr. Chan” have always tweaked my curiosity, until a friend told me about him.

In her tourist business, one of her clients from Russia had chronic back pain due to a spinal hernia.  He had seen many doctors back home who all explained that the only thing they could offer was surgery. This unfortunately, was not a guarantee, and his problem could likely return.  He opted out of that and just lived with the pain.

One year, while vacationing here, this man saw Mr. Chan, and after only a few treatments, his problem was cured – GONE!!!!  This man now comes to Ao Nang for vacation every year, primarily to see Mr. Chan.  He has been returning to Ao Nang for 4 years now and his hernia hasn’t returned.

I am always thrilled to meet healers like this, because I know that there are many successful non-conventional healing techniques out there – more than any one of us is aware of.  I made an appointment with Mr. Chan, to get a tune up of my own, and I found that yes, his technique is very different and effective.   At that time I had a long-term clogged ear from swimming, which instantly cleared up, and my overall energy improved.

Mr. Chan does Wat Po massage (aka Thai Massage). He manipulates the body to open blockages and meridian lines so that the energetic flows in the body are clear.  Although massages are in and of themselves, a healing practice, Mr. Chan offers much more directed healing for specific ailments in the body.  His work can address practically any health concern, because he brings the whole body into alignment allowing it’s own natural support.

Mr. Chan’s father was a gifted shaman who knew of nature’s ability to heal.  He taught his two sons the craft, but he separated his knowledge.  One of his sons (Mr. Chan), he taught the physical, “Wat Po” treatments, and to the other son, he taught herbal remedies.  Mr. Chan’s brother is now a successful herbalist in another part of Thailand.

A firm believer in education, Mr. Chan had originally gone to university to study economics.  His plan had been to work in a bank, which he did after college, but after a few years of that, his heart called him back to the healing field.  He went to study Wat Po in Bangkok where he was one of only 2 students in his class who passed.  The other passing student was blind and is a gifted practitioner working in Chiang Mai.

Mr. Chan has many patients who come from all over the world to see him, much like the man I mentioned earlier. He is a wise and dedicated healer who only wants to help people get better. Mr. Chan is a quiet and unassuming man who gently reads and adjusts your body, bringing it to proper alignment and full health.  

If you would like an appointment with Mr. Chan, you can visit him at his hut, or call him directly at


If you don’t have any specific health issues haunting you now, at least get yourself a nice tune up before getting on that long, stressful plane ride home.