Getting lost in the countryside can be fun and a great way to spend your days in Krabi.

Krabi as we all know is a landscape of great immensity. Massive karats towering overhead, wide open vista’s overlooking massive expanses and of course the dense, rich green jungle all around. It’s a beautiful place, but where to go? how to get there? What to do there? You see it all, the beauty, the mystique, the unknown and you want to get out in it and see it all for yourself. Why not rent a motorbike, get out and explore this vast place and see another side of the country that you won’t get from an organized tour.

Motorbike AoNangKrabi is a large province spread out over 4,500 Sq. kilometers with numerous national parks and areas of interest over it’s vast landscape. Natural hot springs, mangrove forests bridging jungles and oceans, mountain top temples, serpentine roads that wind through dense palm filled forests, rickety markets loaded with local products and so much more. The province is huge and filled with such diversity it’s almost overwhelming where to start? Well once again you’re at a crossroads as there is so much to start with. One of our favorite activities in the area is to rent a bike and go explore one of some of these amazing places.

Ao Nang is conveniently located 70 kilometers from over 10 amazing places to explore so you’re in luck you don’t need to make any overnight trips!

Some of the highlights we recommend you visit are:

Those are just a few of the destinations in Krabi you can get lost in beauty of.

But there is the challenge in front of you, how to get a motorbike? There are a number of roadside motorbike rental agencies around town, many of which you’ve probably already seen. The only issue is that the vast majority of the companies will ask for your passport as a form of a deposit when taking a motorbike for any period of time. They will return your passport after you return the bike in the same condition it was when you took it. The only issue with this is that sometimes when damage has been done exorbitant fees can be charged to renters whom have no option but to pay as without your passport you cannot leave the country.

We recommend you use a company that asks for a cash deposit and possibly a copy of your passport instead.

The number of a local agent who can rent motorbikes at a reasonable rate without asking for a passport as a form of deposit:

Krabi Moto Rentals

Find total freedom on the roads and be in control of your destination on 2 wheels!

Motorbike AoNang