Rent a motorbike and explore the vast island of Koh Lanta

Motorbike rental Koh Lanta are an affordable and great option to travel around and take in all the island has to offer. Motorbikes are common throughout Thailand, you can see them in any city you visit. They are the primary means of transportation for the local Thai population and have become the go-to method of getting around for expatriates as well. They are a great option to get around small towns or also for traveling over long distances.

Motorbikes are cheap, easy to ride and come in a variety of shapes and sizes for riders of all levels. Maybe your interested in slowly cruising the windy roads traveling from North to South on Koh Lanta taking in the sights and sounds all on the way. A simple Honda Click or Honda Scoopy should set you up nicely for easy cruising. Although maybe your interested in taking the bike a bit further. Maybe you want to go to Ao Nang, or Koh Samui and want a bit bigger bike, say a Honda Phantom, not a problem, that can be arranged. Anything is possible in Thailand and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you want to take to the roads.

There are some simple road rules you need to follow while in Thailand (ROAD RULES HERE). 

Koh Lanta itself is about 40 kilometers in length and 7 kilometers in width so, a couple of days on a motorbike or scooter is all you need to take in all the island has to offer.

for scooter and motorbike rental Koh Lanta service please visit your hotel, villa or resort reception and they will be able to help you out.

If not here is a good website which helps with motorbike rentals: