Put on a fin and transform yourself into a new being.

A mysterious creature of stories, novels folklore is now emerging from the waves and offering it’s hand to you.

We’re not talking about a ominous, dangerous creature we’re talking about the friendly and humanlike Mermaid. A new business has just opened on Koh Phi Phi offering your the chance to Swim as a Mermaid, giving you the chance for a truly incredible and beautiful experience.  Mermaids costumes for swimming have become more and more popular across the world. It is a growing trend in Europe, the US, Canada and now in South-East Asia and Australia. Thousands of people all across the globe are buying these particular fins and costumes needed to experience the joy of mermaiding. Now you can try this growing activity on Koh Phi Phi.

Mermaid in Krabi Phi Phi

The suit is essentially a modified monofin inside a lower body suit that will make swimming and snorkel easier and more fun. Swimming with a monofin is much faster than conventional swimming, so you can experience a completely new way of moving through the water.

Costumes are available for adults and children from 3 years old and are available in a range of colors and styles. The suits are durable and can be used in a variety of environments, from the oceans, pools or freshwaters environments, you can take mermaiding anywhere. Photosessinos can be arranged by this tour operator, so if you wish to capture the experience to show friends and family back home simply talk with the operator.

Mermaid in Krabi Phi Phi

Mermaiding is popular for all ages and genders, this is not a girl only activity. Do not be shy, you’r in paradise, on holiday, just because we are adults doesn’t mean that we should take ourselves so seriously. Think outside the box and expose yourself to a new experience, we all need to play! Mermaid snorkeling in the fabulous Maya Bay or a noisy beach pool party, be sure you will be in the spotlight anywhere you try it out.

Mermaid in Krabi Phi Phi

For little girls who have watched the Disney classic The little mermaid and fell in love with the lead mermaid Ariel, this is your chance to become the iconic star. This dream is easy to bring to life in a mermaid suit in paradise.

Don’t miss your chance to be mermaid in Phi Phi island!

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