Krabi has been a hotspot for growth for over a decade now, drawing in thousands of tourists from all around the globe. With the growth has come a wave of new services such as roads and general logistics, police and security, improved government, numerous restaurants and services and now healthcare is upgrading to a whole new level.

Wattanapat Clinic Ao Nang KrabiAo Nang, some would say is the heart of Krabi’s tourist community, has long since been the place for new hotels to shoot up among the staggering karats which make Krabi so famous. Many of these hotels are massive, featuring 200-300 rooms at times, and every year there are more and more coming to Krabi to fill these rooms. What happens to to the unfortunate tourists who frequent these many hotels when they fall ill or have an accident? There are a number of highly qualified clinics in town which are more that ready to address simple wounds and issues but when things become more serious or more specialised medicine is needed where can people turn to?

Wattanapat Hospital Trang PLC saw this lack in services available and under expansive marketing and development strategies from their management decided to expand their presence in Krabi by opening up a full service 59 in-patient bed hospital. Construction is well underway and they’re expected to complete the project in Q4 of 2018.

The hospital is long awaited and highly anticipated. Now tourists and locals like will have easy access to dental, medical, a trauma ward as well as a surgical theatre among other medical departments.

Who is behind this new massive hospital opening shortly you might ask? Wattanapat Hospital Trang is one of the leading health care providers in Southern Thailand. Originally established as only a small clinic with a few staff and the founder and doctor Dr. Vittaya Leelawat. They operated for a number of years as only a small clinic and then later in 1962 opened their flagship hospital in Trang city called Wattanapat Hospital Trang Co., Ltd.

Opening their flagship hospital 55 years ago in Trang (a province just south of Krabi), Wattanapat grew their brand and their reputation by serving the locals in the immediate area around them, focusing on quality and care when dealing with patients. Wattanapat Hospital Trang is a large hospital now seeing over 400 patients a day. The founder Dr. Vittaya Leelawat or “Mor Wit” as he is called by locals always had a strong drive to help and care for others, to help them in times of need and through Dr. Vittaya’s passion and drive Wattanapat gained it’s reputation and respect from the locals throughout Trang. Operating for many decades, Dr. Vittaya always kept his core principles in place, care and compassion, it wasn’t until recently when a new marketing manager joined the team at Wattanapat Hospital that the company began to expend it’s coverage in Southern Thailand. The first stop on Wattanapat’s expansion has been to focus on the busy town of Ao nang by opening a clinic in the heart of the town.

Wattanapat Clinic Ao Nang Krabi

Mr. Shane Laosonthorn, Board of Director & Deputy Hospital Directors – Financial,  joined the team at Wattanapat 3 years ago and since joining the team Wattanapat has made many changes in their company. Since Khun Shane joined Wattanapat Medical Company, the company has opened it’s a clinic in Ao nang, just earlier this year the Wattanapat company went public listing itself on the Thai stock exchange becoming a public company. Now Khun Shane has lead the company to begin the construction of their second hospital in Ao Nang.

Mr. Shane Laosonthorn explained about the new hospital in Ao Nang and whats it’s services will include, there will be 12 specialists on site at all times and there will be a number of departments such as:

  • Obstretics and Gynaecology
  • General Surgery or Orthopedic
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatric
  • Dental
  • ER or Trauma
  • Radiologist , etc.

There are still other departments in the planning stages so this list will grow by the time the hospital is open. One main area that Wattanapat is looking to develop is medical tourism. Opening the option for foreigners to come and visit Krabi while also receiving needed medical care. It’s a growing field and offers foreigners affordable care and service while also providing them with a nice and relaxing holiday in a beautiful destination. For medical tourism inquiries please visit the Wattanpat website:

International Medical Clinic by Wattanapat Hospital across the street from Krabi Resort will continue to operate as usual giving tourists easy access to emergency medical care 24 hours a day. this is a great resource for those who are having small issues such as food poisoning, cuts and scrapes and are need of bandage dressing but don’t want to be admitted to the hospital for minor issues.

The hospital will have an extensive outreach program covering patients in the great Krabi area through it’s network of ambulances and partner hospitals. So if you are visiting Koh Lanta, Ao Luk or possibly Phang-Nga their umbrella of service of Wattanapat Hospital is only a phone call away.

For inquiries or questions about Wattanapat’s highly anticipated hospital currently under construction in Krabi please contact the marketing team at:




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