Most parents look for a school that offers an international level of education. Such schools have to fulfil explicit conditions for Thai registration and satisfy all the requirements to qualify for international standing, too. One such school is Krabi International School in Nong Thale, which also happens to be the newest running international school of Krabi Province.

Coming into the school, first impressions are that everyone here is very cheerful and welcoming. The project team started construction in November 2014 and opened the school on time in September 2015. The school has so far attracted thirty children aged between five and eleven years in the Primary section, and another four students in the Secondary section. All the teaching staff are enthusiastic, fully qualified and mostly United Kingdom trained and experienced. The whole place is surrounded with lush vegetation and offers to the children enough space to exert themselves joyfully.

Krabi International School LogoAs a parent your first concern is that your child will be happy. You are looking for a caring environment and you want your child to look forward to going there every day but you also expect more. At Krabi International School, there is also a very purposeful approach to learning. In November 2015, the school gained Cambridge Certification for the Primary section which means standardized learning and international recognition. The Cambridge accreditation allows the school to attract a lot of foreigners and Thai students from Krabi Province and even the rest of Thailand. Within two years, Krabi International School is planning on gaining Cambridge Certification for the Secondary level in order to offer the globally recognized Cambridge IGCSE qualification.

For each class, in addition to regular disciplines such as English, Maths, Science, History and Geography and so on taught by a main teacher, there is also a language section where students can learn Thai as well as Chinese with a specialized teacher. The school aims at helping strengthen their language skills and giving them the opportunity to learn languages other than their mother tongue. Here there are nationalities from each part of the world, British, French, Italian, American, Finish, Belgium, Russian, Australian, Japanese, Korean and of course Thai.

Anyone who has stayed in Krabi for more than a week will have noticed that there are many different nationalities here, and not just the tourists. In the last decade, the region has attracted a lot of foreign residents. Some come here to retire but a lot of them are coming here to work, either as employees or with their own businesses and many of them have children. Krabi International School can take good care of them within the framework of the overall international curriculum, even with very young children.

Krabi International SchoolEverything here is deliberately structured to feed both the heart and the mind. Younger children learn through playing and follow a system that provides them with a nurturing learning environment within which they feel happy and secure, whilst developing and acquiring social skills, interaction awareness and racial integration. As they do this, they are unknowingly taking on-board all kinds of information and knowledge, too.

As the students become more mature, they are guided to extend their activities. After Christmas holidays, the school is planning on setting up a water saving hydroponic farm adjacent to the school grounds which will provide clean and organic products to the school and the parents through a small farm shop. This is a perfect vehicle to put the emphasis on student’s awareness and appreciation of the environment. This project is a good practice for them to learn how to grow vegetables.

If you plan to stay in Krabi for a long time and your child is coming up to that very special age where he/she really needs education, then Krabi International School is the right call. That might mean new language skills as well as very good education.

Krabi International SchoolKrabi International School will continue to grow according to its five phase plan; the first phase, the primary school, is completed and the second phase that includes sports track, climbing frame, parent café and hydroponic farm is on-going. As for the three remaining phases, i.e the Secondary school administration block and the first secondary block; the remainder of the secondary blocks and the swimming pool; and the undercover gymnasium, they will be completely finished within five years.

With its emphasis on learning combined with an international standard of education, Krabi International School really does make each student unique and brighter by delivering English Curriculum and high teaching standards. They are about to have the time of their life.