Koh Lanta Accommodation – Lanta new beach bungalows

If a fancy resort is not in your budget, but you’d still like to enjoy a few luxuries, head mid-island to the Lanta New Beach Bungalows. This mid-range resort is surprising – for the price, there are a lot of perks. First and most notably, the large swimming pool that directly overlooks the north end of Klong Khong beach. An archway with pebbled masonry announces the divide between the resort and the beach – mere steps, and a great photo opportunity! During high tide, you can nearly step right into the sea, and the beach is great for snorkeling.

An adventurous climb over rocks to your right, and you’ll find yourself at the tiny and somewhat secret Bamboo beach, sometimes referred to as “beautiful” beach. The Beautiful beach is just perfect for swimming or sunbathing. If you’re more of a freshwater swimmer, jump in the refreshing pool with an ocean view. While you’re there enjoy the ¬†scenic waterfall sprinkling cool water drops on your skin. The New Beach is host to a small restaurant serving tasty Thai and western food, and an extremely chill beach bar, the Sunset.

You might have guessed, but this is a great place to watch the sunset while relaxing on cushions or hammocks. You can also enjoy listening to the sound of the waves below while the sun drops down below the horizon. On Fridays, Lanta new beach bungalows throws beach parties which draw a predominantly younger clientele to the modern, comfortable bungalows next to the pool. If you’re looking for something a bit quieter, not to worry, because there is another wing of quieter rooms – featuring their own separate pool and waterfall. Most rooms offer hot water and air conditioning, but if you want to enjoy the other amenities on a budget, you can opt for a room with a fan. Fan’s room help make the Lanta new beach bungalows a great choice for those looking to get the most out of their money.