Making a difference every day at Lanta Animal welfare

Founded some 10 years ago Lanta Animal Welfare has been one of the best things to happen on Koh lanta and quickly become one of the top tourist attractions on the island. Founded by an expatriate who decided to move to Koh Lanta permanently and began with a cooking school. She soon after readlized the dogs and cats of Koh lanta had no support and there e was no education for the youth. She she founded Lanta Animal Welfare with the sole purpose to better the lives fo injured and neglected dogs and cats as well as spread knowledge about responsible pet ownership. Since founding Lanta Animal Welfare the organisation has grown into a large group of volunteers and staff from all around the world for the sole purpose of helping animals in need.

Visitors can walk, pet, play, feed or just laze around with the animals who are all kept in a variety of cages and yards depending on their case. Puppies and kittens are regularly dropped off at the welfare centres front doors, these puppies and kittens along with any other animals they have are nursed to health and then put up for adoption. Prospective adoption families can adopt dogs and cats and Lanta Animal Welfare will send them via international airlines to your home country. Lanta Animal Welfare has helped saves thousands upon thousands of lives and continues to do so everyday. If you want to visit this amazing centre and learn more about the selfless work the volunteers and staff are doing get in touch.

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