Koh Lanta Restaurants – Kunda Cafe

Kunda Cafe is an true oasis for the traveling vegan or vegetarian. Sometimes it can be hard to find a good, wholesome and healthy meal that is tasty and not repetitive. But if you’re on Koh Lanta, look no further than Kunda Cafe, Serving tasty Vegan and Vegetarian options that will blow your mind! Here you’ll find the most delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies, jam-packed with protein-filled nuts and superfoods like acai berries. Fresh baked bread and handmade hummus, fresh, crispy salads and handmade dressings. All ingredients are hand-picked daily and dishes are made from scratch, offering you an attention to detail that you may have been missing before. The menu is not huge, but you’re sure to get your dose of nutrition here, and all items can be made vegan, with attention given to allergies and dietary preferences. The small cafe is actually much larger than it looks from the outside. There are three different seating options ranging from an outdoor patio area in the front, an indoor section with reclaimed wooden sculptures, a library and peaceful music, to the absolutely tranquil garden seating in the back. The back garden seating area is our favorite option as it features the classic Thai low tables and cushions surrounded by lush trees and the sounds of nature.

What to expect

With a no-nonsense approach to dining, the cafe proudly advertises a lack of wifi, preferring to encourage guests to socialize with each others. Smoking is not allowed, and real coffees and fresh ginger teas are served hot and satisfying to accompany your conversation. Not a common place at all, the Kunda Cafe is a heaven for everyone looking for Vegan and Vegetarian options. For travelers who prefer clean, soul satisfying vibes and healthy, delicious food and drink Kinda Cafe is a must visit place which will leave all patrons satisfied.

Hours of operation : 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Vojrf17scfq