Krabi province, in general, does not boast the raucous and sometimes demoralizing nightlife of Phuket and Bangkok. Even though Krabi Town itself is larger and livelier than some other places in the province, it is no exception. Often used as a jumping-off point for other destinations, nightlife in Krabi Town tends to be a bit more subdued. Without as much of a reputation to live up to, Krabi Town nightlife has the freedom to be eclectic.


Doing any kind of search on nightlife in Krabi Town and you’ll inevitably end up with the Krabi Town Night Market. While definitely a must-see, there is more to do in Krabi Town at night. Bars are virtually on every corner, anxious to collect the crowds coming from the night market. Because many bars in Krabi Town are small, you’ll find a deliciously local feel to them. Barely-there buildings make the most unique use of space, and are playgrounds to interesting locals and travelers alike. Therefore, you’re sure to meet some special characters when you venture out at night in Krabi Town. Additionally, the more laid-back pace of this city means that you can actually get in a conversation or two.


If it’s a more active nightlife you’re after, Krabi Town has got that too, though considerably less of it. Krabi Town bars have their fair share of the wild side, as well. It’s not uncommon to pass by an establishment with music loud enough to make you drop everything and bust a move.


Krabi Town is a popular place. Although it’s rare for people to visit this wonderful province and see only Krabi Town, enough people pass through here to warrant some investments in the nightlife. Bar owners have worked hard to keep the tourist dollars here, instead of the more well-known nightlife spots in the province. Whatever your destination, don’t hesitate to get funky during your stay in Krabi Town.


If you’re spending some time in this river city and are looking for things to do at night, check out our list of the top nightlife spots in Krabi Town. You won’t regret spending some time here after dark.