During your stay in Krabi Town, you’re going to have to eat! You won’t be disappointed here. Krabi Town restaurants have all the flavors you’ve come to expect from Thailand. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a place to eat in Krabi Town, you’ll have plenty of options.

One of the best things about Krabi Town restaurants is the variety of fresh seafood. Because it’s the capital of a seaside province, Krabi Town is a main hub in the seafood trade. Fishermen supply Krabi Town restaurants with the fresh, daily catch, and many establishments place their focus there. The ever popular iced-seafood displays will draw you in on many street corners. But because of the thriving tourism, you can find more than just seafood.

Because the city is an economic center for locals, you’ll find many a restaurant in Krabi Town with nothing but delicious, authentic Thai specialties. If you’re fresh out of the Krabi Airport and looking for a taste of Thailand, you’re in luck. Because the city is small, you won’t have to navigate your way around in expensive taxis to find the nearest cultural cookout. For those who crave a certain meal after a flight, the Krabi Town Restaurants will provide more than enough options.

Krabi Town Restaurants serve international dishes from almost every region. Air-conditioned coffee shops serve up your favorites just the way you like them in the morning. Handmade pizza doughs and imported wines spice up your evening. For lunch, how about dim sum or fresh sandwiches?

Many places to eat in Krabi Town are easy to spot. Within walking distance of accommodations, Krabi Town restaurants have popped up on every corner to satiate locals and travelers alike. But if you’re on the hunt for the best places to eat in Krabi Town, we’ve done the work for you. Here are our top picks on places to eat in Krabi Town.

Anchali Restaurant

krabi town dining anchali
Dine in a true Thai jungle styled restaurant Anchali restaurant in Krabi Town is easy to find, located on a main strip with bold Thai signage. Enter here and you'll be amazed at the variety of seating options that make this upscale local dining experience so great for large groups. The restaurant is divided into about six different sections. Each of these sections is private enough that a larger group could easily take over a whole section, but large enough to accommodate duos and smaller groups as well. Choose from garden seating flanked by tranquil fish ponds, or one of several indoor areas with air conditioning. The menu is extensive, reasonably priced and exclusively Thai, with a focus on Southern cuisine and delicious fried dishes. The menu us peppered with a variety of meats, veggies and curries and of course, seafood to mix and match together. There's so many fantastic...

Babao Dim Sum Restaurant

dim sum restaurant krabi town
Dim Sum at it's finest in krabi town at BaBao Babao Dim Sum Restaurant in Krabi Town is flanked by unique bamboo structures making it easily recognizable from the street. These impressive covered pathways lead from either side into a circular, outdoor dining area that feels fresh, clean and natural. A refreshing outdoor fountain graces the center of the circle, and tables are arranged around it harmoniously. To the side you'll notice the large, open and sparkling-clean kitchen, and you'll know your eggs are fresh when you see the well-kept chicken coops nearby. BaBao serves Dim Sum starting at 6 am, so if you have a day of adventures planned and want to start the day off right, this is the place for you. With prices ranging from 25-45 THB per piece, you'll enjoy choosing a few options like vegetable chive dumplings or pork congee. The dim sum is served...

Cafe 8.98

krabi town cafe 8.98
Top notch cafe in the heart of Krabi town If you're in the mood for high quality, decadent breakfasts and lunches, look no further than Cafe 8.98. This modern café has a bit of a reputation in Ao Nang as the place where all the expats eat  when they're craving a taste of home. You'll find all the best of vacation breakfasts here, with classy, loaded omelettes and perfectly done eggs Benedict. For lunch, choose a unique sandwich on fresh baked ciabatta bread, with delicious toppings such as smoked salmon, artichoke, BBQ pulled pork or bacon and egg. Salad connoisseurs will be impressed with the trendy options and might have a hard time choosing between lemongrass chicken and couscous; pumpkin, feta and artichoke; or a classic Caesar done right with the best ingredients. If you've been out exploring all day and come back to town hungry, don't worry, because Café...

Easy Cafe

Easy Cafe krabi town
Enjoy great river views while drinking strong coffee If you're in the mood for a quiet place where you can catch up on emails or conversation, have a tasty meal and a great coffee, we recommend the Easy Cafe in Krabi Town. True to its name, the Easy Cafe's atmosphere is all about simplicity, with a few comfortable tables on an outdoor patio overlooking the river, or a bigger handful of tables inside, under the air conditioning. This is just the place to be if you're in need of a reset or need to relax and plan the rest of your holiday, unhurried. For all its simplicity and relaxed vibes, the Easy Cafe offers a surprisingly large menu, with the list of beverages ranging from lassi, fruit shakes, hot or iced coffees and teas to rich, sweet frappés. For the hungry, choose between a large list of flavourful Thai curries, noodle...

Esan Tai Food

Eean food krabi town
Top notch Esan style food just minutes from down town Krabi town Nestled in the outskirts of Krabi town, this little gem of a restaurant is a hot spot for locals who know and love Esan food. Esan from is one of the most popular and widely known styles around the world. It’s famous for the many uses of sticky rice. The dishes are typically dry (meaning soups are not popular) and the food offers a number of varying textures. Esan Tai Food offers original Esan styled food at a very affordable price as it’s a more local restaurant focusing more on local Thai people. The ambience of restaurant is like that of a secret garden. The entranceway is a mixture of trees, branches and vines to create a archway, once you pass through the archway entrance you will be you can see the many varied tables set up staged throughout...

Poo Dam

poo dam restaurant krabi town
Perfect seafood on Krabi river Poo Dam, meaning black crab, is one of Krabi Town's most well-known seafood restaurants. You'll often find it packed with locals in the evening, full of conversation and hungry people getting their fix of freshly caught, local seafood. A massive, iced display proudly proclaims the catches of the day, while just beside you can see two large, drum-style barbecues where chefs cook up the delicious fares. Located on the banks of the river, right across the street from the iconic Mud Crabs statue, Poo Dam is in a prime location for those who have been exploring Krabi Town on foot and suddenly find themselves hungry. With a large and local cafeteria-style eating area, the Poo Dam is decorated with an eclectic Coca-Cola theme, with an outdoor atmosphere that is both casual and exciting. Hungry diners can choose right off the ice which crab or fish...

Viva Italian Taverna

Viva Italian Restaurant Krabi town
Friends and family at Viva Italian Viva restaurant in Krabi Town touts itself as "a taste of Italy in Krabi" and that's exactly what you'll get here, and then some. With tastes both familiar and exquisite, you are in for a treat when you come here. Located centrally in Krabi Town, the restaurant is close to many hotels and attractions, open for lunch and dinner, and boasts a generous amount of pleasant outdoor seating. On the menu you'll find both casual and elegant Italian fares, ranging from delicious focaccia or ciabatta sandwiches with fresh, delectable ingredients, to mouth-watering handmade pastas bursting with flavour. Crisp salads will have you hungry for the authentic tastes of caprese, Greek and Caesar, or go for the fresh seafood salad featuring plump prawns, mussels and calamari. Cheese and meat platters are sure to delight with quality Italian cold cuts and flavourful cheeses. When it comes...