Krabi Resort is leading the way in the right way to conserve their carbon footprint.

A resort no matter the size carries with it an ecological footprint, from the food and energy it consumes to the building area and heating/air conditioning costs the impact can be large. Resorts are truly stunning works of art, they come in all shapes and sizes but most of them carry with them the same burden, a large taxation on the environment they stand on.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way in which a resort could live and operate while consuming relatively little resources and impacting our planet minimally? Well there is. A number of resorts around the globe have started adopting a more ecologically or “green” mindset as the world is changing and global warming becomes more apparent. The international mindset is towards sustainability and resorts that adopt these measures are not only saving themselves millions of baht in operating costs but they are actually developing a marketing edge over the competition.

Krabi Resort AonangKrabi Resort is well aware of this trend as members of the management were instrumental in setting up the first ever Green conference in Krabi last November. “It just makes sense” the assistant manager of E-commerce tells, “with the information and knowledge is so readily available, why not do something? We save money and the environment.”

The Krabi Resort is one of the first resorts in Ao Nang to focus it’s energy and practices towards s greener future, Krabi resorts owners have been instrumental in developing Krabi to where it is today. So a push from this management group could go a long way in changing the mindset of Krabi.

One of the main things Krabi Resort focuses it’s energy on is cleaning products, the amount of chemicals need to clean the entirety of Krabi Resort’s, lobby, rooms, restaurants and everything else is just enormous. There is a new technology (well not that new) called EM which stands for Effective Microorganisms. It is the process of using natural probiotics instead of harmful and destructive chemicals to clean harmful bacteria. EM is a process of breaking down plant matter into a usable detergent that can clean virtually any surface. Krabi resort uses EM to clean their bathrooms, lobby, restaurants and many other areas of the resort. The EM they use is manufactured off site about 5 kilometers away as a small farm. The organic waste products from the restaurant are separated from non-biodegradable products and brought to the farm. At the farm they are mixed with some condensed EM Syrup which begins the process of breaking down their matter. They are left to stand with the condensed syrup for a period of 40-60 days, then mixed with water and the water is then used as a cleaning detergent. If there is a big need for soil, then the organic waste can be added to a compost pile full of worms which then turns the vegetation to dirt, that dirt can then can be used as fertilizer back on the resorts grounds.

Krabi Resort AonangThis is only one of the many things that Krabi Resort is doing to reduce it’s carbon footprint. They are also in the process of growing a number of their own fruit and vegetables. A mushroom house is on the resorts grounds and grows an average of 200 Kg of mushrooms/year which are used at the resort for both staff and guests. At the on site resort garden there are also a number of other vegetables grown such as lettuce, eggplants, green beans, radishes and many more, all used to prepare meals for the staff and guests alike. These gardens act as not only a means to provide food but also offer guests at the resort a place where they can walk and relax in surrounded by organic healthy vegetation.

Krabi Resort AonangTimes are changing, we are the generation that is the first to feel the effects of global warming and the last generation to do something to slow it down. It is important for all of us to try and make a difference whenever possible, so please bring your own bags to the grocery store, have a garden, bike to work or carpool, install solar panels at your house, the list of things you can do which will make a difference is huge, lets all try our part.

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