Krabi Hot Springs

 Krabi Hot springs is one of the best things to do in krabi if you’re looking for a place for total relaxation in a natural spa.

The Natural Hot Springs is a park part of the Krabi National Park system so when you arrive please be prepared for the National Park fee os 160thb/adult for adults, and 100thb/child.

The Park is maintained and managed by the national park services under the Thai government so there is usually an occasional park ranger which patrols the hot spring area in case of anyone who needs help.

The actual Hot springs are caused by hot water vents which are deep underground, when cracks appear in the earths crust and this hot water is allowed to escape it is often mixed with sulphur and other compounds on it’s way to the surface leading to the high mineral counts present in the water.

Thought the entrance area you will be guided to a pathway leading you through the jungle to the hot spring area, the walk which is a beautiful one is about 500 meters and takes around 15 minutes. When you come to the Hot Springs area there are q areas to visit, the natural area (more popular) where mineral rich water runs over limestone rocks and smoothes them making them almost like small rock bowls, perfect for bathing in. Alternatively the man made area of the Hot Springs are a few large concrete pools which have mineral rich water diverted to. These pools are slightly less hot yet they provide plenty of space to swim comfortably.

When you visit the natural hot springs in Krabi prepare yourself to take in the mineral rich water through your skin, to absorb the health factors which this famous waters can imbue into you. This mineral rich water is very healing, therapeutic yet after an hour of so inside the water, prepare yourself you’ll feel like you need to go to bed.