This October Krabi will host a grand event, The Krabi Fit Fest, an event which is open to all.

Krabi Fit Fest is a celebration of our bodies and in a variety of classes and events ranging from a classic strong man competition to free flow yoga classes, Thai massage and many more. An event commemorating our bodies and experiencing the joy of feeling alive and well in our own skin.

Krabi Fit Fest

Last year the Krabi strong man competition which drew in a large crowd of participants from all over Thailand as well as internationally. The Krabi Yoga fest which was held last year also attracted the eyes and ears from participants both internationally and domestically. This year the Krabi Fit Fest aims to combine both the Krabi yoga fest and strong man competition into an event celebrating all types of exercise.

The event will be held at the Naga Pura Resort & Spa in Ao Nang and will take place over October 5-7.

Krabi Fit Fest


If your interested in participating in the event please see the schedule, if your interested in just taking a look at whats happening and want to talk with some like minded people, pass by for an hour or longer. The Naga Pura Resort & Spa is located on Ao Nang Noi 8 and can easily be found on Google maps.

It can be difficult to get out and move your body. With the onslaught of social media and the ease of access to it all being in our pockets all time time, it can be a challenge to get yourself outside and get moving. This could be your chance to do just that in a caring, encouraging and fun filled environment. Come by and visit, you might make some new friends of like minded people while your here.

Krabi Fit Fest

Open to adults and children alike, tickets to the event can be purchased for single day events or whole 3 day event.

To get in touch and learn more visit:
Phone number: 086-280-9669