Sometimes it just takes a new approach to get your computer working again

We live in a throw away society, a world when if something doesn’t work we simply throw it out and go buy a new one. This is true from the top to the bottom of our society. From phones, tablets and computers right to home appliances and even cars. A time ago we lived in another time, a time when these items were not so cheap and accessible, a time when these things in our lives meant something and were not bought with the knowledge that probably in 1-2 years we would be buying another one.

Fix computer in KrabiBut it’s not like this everywhere…

A new resident in Krabi is changing the way we do computers and electronics. By simply taking the time to inspect and find the problem with a appliance or computer, he is able to isolate problems and fix them. A skill few have and a desire to learn even fewer still.

Dealing with a range of products from desktop computers and servers, laptops and tablets, phones and more, Arsen is a computer specialist which assists people who are having problems with software, hardware or peripherals, repairing, improving or refurbishing these products. His love for repairing began years ago when he was working in Russia, and simply didn’t see the reason for throwing away was apparently so new. He took it upon himself to learn about these various appliances and computers, how they worked and what were common dangers for them.

His journey with electronics began over 2 decades ago and continues today. Helping those repair their computers or possibly upgrading the hardware inside. Building numerous computers throughout his life, the somewhat complicated skill has since become an ordinary procedure for Arsen. Starting with building computers and developing software out a necessity at his job, Arsen soon became known in his neighborhood as the wiz with the machines. Therefore friends began coming to him with their broken devices as well as with the prospect of him building a brand new computer for them, in addition to also solving various computer problems, removing viruses and other miscellaneous tasks. This has culminated with his current skill set.

Fix computer in Krabi

For Arsen building a computer is as simple as making some spaghetti sauce, installing the correct software and making sure all components are working correctly is also just as simple as frying a steak. He’s taking these daunting tasks of building these magnificent machines with his bare hands and make it seem like child’s play.

The possible services Arsen can offer are:

  • Computer diagnostics
  • Problem solving
  • Virus removal
  • Replacing broken parts
  • Restoring data
  • Operation system installation and recovery for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS
  • Building new computers with variable configurations
  • Programming & software development
  • Building and upgrading websites

If your looking for someone to help with your broken machine or maybe would like to talk about building your own new computer, then Arsen is your man.

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