What to do on Koh Phi Phi? This is one of the province’s best destinations for sightseeing and activities. More than just a pretty face, Phi Phi Island offers a lot of things to do. Especially if you’re into breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences.

Given its remote location in the centre of the Andaman Sea, it’s clear that there are many answers for what to do on Koh Phi Phi, but many nonetheless are centered around the sea. The waters surrounding the island are strikingly beautiful. Not to mention the towering, green covered cliffs. It’s no surprise that Phi Phi hides many things to do behind these stunning backdrops. The sea holds many mysteries to discover. Phi Phi is a world-class destination for activities such as snorkeling and Scuba diving, making them an absolute must. Some of the most beautiful rock formations on the planet plunge deep into the sea, forming a perfect habitat for many amazing creatures. Kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are only a few other ways to experience the many things to do in Phi Phi.

Meanwhile, on land, there’s some pretty obvious things to do on Phi Phi. The beaches, of course, are some of the best in the world. You could essentially spend your entire holiday going back and forth from the sand to the sea, soaking in the sun and melting away any remaining traces of stress. Grab a towel and some sunscreen and make it all about the relaxation.

For the more adventurous folks out there, Phi Phi has got things for you to do as well. Phi Phi’s landscape offers exhilarating adventures over land, with unbelievable viewpoints as a reward.

Phi Phi Island is a small place with a lot to do. Depending on the length of your stay, you could experience wonders in a variety of styles. Because we want your holiday to be sensational, we’ve complied our list of the best things to do on Koh Phi Phi. Take your pick, and see you on the boat!

Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise

captain bob's booze cruise
Sail the high seas with a beer in one hand and cocktail in the other While Captain Bob's Booze Cruise doesn't technically happen at night, it's a forerunner in the Phi Phi party scene. You'll find the headquarters of Captain Bob's next to Tonsai Pier. After you've booked your voyage, it's off to the camp bar for beer pong, all-you-can-drink alcohol and playtime. Get to know your crew before you set sail on the open waters, destined for island adventures. Pirates will party their way to the first stop, Monkey Beach, with music, dancing and Captain Bob's own "special spice." The staff are skilled in top-notch safety measures, and fully trained in good times. At the beach, get ready to have your picture taken with monkeys! The next stop is Pileh Lagoon, where you'll don stand-up paddle boards. Alternatively, choose chilling in the water with life jackets and drinks. Boozy...

Spend the day on Long Beach

Long beach koh phi phi
White sand, turquoise waters and plenty of food and massage to go around Looking to get away from the center of Phi Phi Don? Though tourism in the islands is almost always thriving, you can escape to a less-bustling corner - Long Beach. Getting there is easy, if you like adventure! The most popular way is to hire a longtail taxi, which will cost you around 100 THB per person. Boat captains will flag you down as you near the beach, and you can choose your ride. From there, it's only about ten minutes. You can admire the surrounding scenery and clear waters from the boat. If you're in the mood for a walk, Long Beach is also accessible on foot, though we wouldn't attempt it at night. However, this is a place for whiling the days away, basking in the sunlight. A long, soft stretch of sand gives this beach its...

Take a day trip to Maya Bay

koh phi phi pool party
Stand on the sand that put Krabi on the map at Maya Bay Maya Bay is probably the most iconic thing about the Phi Phi Islands. Its unique geography truly makes it one of the most stunning locations on the planet. Surrounded by soaring cliffs on three sides, the bay is only accessible by boat. Inside, you'll find crystal clear waters and colorful coral reefs. The water's edge is surrounded by several beaches, the longest of which is around 200 meters long. Soft, white sand is abundant, and frames the stunningly turquoise seawater. Popular activities here are snorkeling, diving and kayaking. Because of the remarkably clear water, explorers can glimpse colorful fish and corals. By kayak, you can examine the edges of the cove from above the water. It's breathtakingly beautiful, and a truly unparalleled experience. Maya Bay's popularity has grown since 1999, when the film The Beach was shot here. It tells the...

Join a pool party on Koh Phi Phi

koh phi phi pool party
Who want's to drink in the sun with a shirt on? At a pool party, no worries about clothes at all Island nightlife starts well before the sun goes down on Phi Phi. If you're ready to go while the lights are still high, check out a booze-fueled pool party. There's not just one on the island, and you'll find them on the party-central stretch of Loh Dalum bay. Right in the thick of it all is the Ibiza Pool Party, welcoming party animals from afternoon until evening three days a week. Here you'll have access to a massive swim-up bar, live DJs, pool  games and loads of energy. A five-minute walk west and you'll find the PP Princess Pool Party, with more of the same in an even more massive pool. If you're hoping to catch the sunset from somewhere other than the sand, these pool parties are the...

Pum Thai Restaurant & Cooking School

Koh Phi Phi Pum Restaurant cooking school
Learn the art of Thai cuisine No Thai vacation is complete without a crash course in local cookery. If you've chose Phi Phi as your destination, you won't miss out. At Pum Thai Restaurant & Cooking School is located in central Phi Phi Don. The restaurant itself offers a selection of reasonably priced items, without a large and intimidating menu. Those looking to drop in for a bite can sample different kinds of food without a lesson. Besides rice and noodles, try chicken and beef skewers, curries and soups. Sometimes, you just can't get enough and need to try some more at home. Therefore, consider a cooking lesson. Pum herself hosts a variety of classes. The hungry and rushed can choose quick and easy courses. Some classes include a tour of the local market, where you'll lean about the ingredients and see a different side of the culture. Options are available...

SCUBA Diving Koh Phi Phi

SCUBA Diving on Koh Phi Phi
Koh Phi Phi is vast and worth the time to explore it's underwater world If you're only coming to the Phi Phi Islands for one reason, theres a good chance it's likely to be SCUBA Diving Koh Phi Phi. The mysteries held beneath these waters make Phi Phi one of the world's premier diving destinations. In fact, many companies from around Andaman sea will take you right here for your first dive. You'll find numerous dive shops in the main area of Tonsai Village. This area is unique in the assertiveness of the staff, and with good reason. If you haven't come to Phi Phi for diving, you're missing out. Popular here are PADI Discover SCUBA Diving Koh Phi Phi one day sessions. These include two one hour dives with experienced instructors. A diving certificate is not required, but the training received can be counted towards one if you wish to continue....

Snorkeling Koh Phi Phi

snorkeling on koh phi phi
Float on the surface while watching the diverse marina life below The ocean surrounding the Phi Phi archipelago is astounding. The tall, green cliffs jutting out of turquoise sea are even more impressive in person. Shallow, clear waters and magnificent coral reefs make this area perfect for anyone wishing to explore the underwater world. One of the most popular activities is Snorkeling Koh Phi Phi. Many resorts offer snorkel gear for nearby exploration. Although the best way to take a look is with a tour. With many different agencies across the island, you won't have to go far to find the tour that's right for you. Additionally, most hotels offer a tour booking service. Several different tours are available. The most popular are the half day and full day trips. You can choose either a longtail boat or a speedboat. Tours will visit destinations around Phi Phi's six islands. Discover spots...

Hike to the popular Phi Phi Viewpoint

Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint
Hike on to capture the beauty from a birds eye view If your idea of an ideal island getaway includes more than just sand and sun, you're in luck. Phi Phi is more than just a pretty face. There's quite a bit to do around here, and not all of it requires a boat. The Phi Phi viewpoint hike is an easy and popular path to one of the most well-known views of this island. The iconic hourglass shape of Phi Phi Don's double bays might be the most photographed thing here, and your perfect opportunity is only a short distance away. More of a walk than a hike, the vista is easily reached from the centre. Heading north, your ascent will begin with a steep set of concrete stairs. Up you'll go, probably earning a little sweat along the way. The heat of the sun can be magnified up...