Visiting the big island and looking for information on Koh Lanta nightlife, well we’ve got you covered. Koh Lanta is a big island with many different regions and places to see and drink at, so it’s best you have the insider information on where to spend your nights and learn about our top recommended bars in Koh Lanta before you visit this big place. 

From the North to the South Koh Lanta is an island stretching over 40 kilometers (22 miles) so thats a lot of ground to cover if your looking for the best bars in Koh Lanta. Look at each of our recommended bars below as well as the attached map to determine whats the closest place to your hotel to take advantage of the Koh Lanta nightlife.

We have listed each of our recommended places that we feel are worthy of making it onto a list worthy of your time. We hope to help you in navigating the Koh Lanta nightlife scene and making the mot out of your holiday on the island.

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Freedom Bar

Geta. drink at Mong bar in Lanta old town
Koh Lanta Nightlife - Freedom Bar For a bar with such a common name, you're sure to have a not-so-common experience when you come to this fantastic nightlife spot on Klong Khong beach in Koh Lanta, Freedom bar. It's even an adventure to get to. A large sign proclaims the turnoff the main road around the mid island on the beach side of the road. From there it's a series of turns down back lane style streets, until finally you arrive at the Lanta Emerald Resort, the bar's host. Overlooking the pristine Klong Khong beach, the bar is constructed and decorated in reclaimed driftwood, old fishing gear and boat relics. During the day, you can relax on the cushions strewn about beside low tables, or right on the sand as you watch the waves lap onto the shore. A large restaurant blends into the bar, offering everything from Thai to tacos, breakfast...

The Irish Embassy

The Irish Embassy Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta Nightlife - The Irish Embassy The Irish Embassy is a familiar scene in the midst of a tropical paradise for those who live for and enjoy the pub life. Everything from the high top tables and multiple flat-screen TVs to the wooden caddies filled with malt vinegar and steak sauce and the bright green pool table lend to the authentic pub atmosphere of this Koh Lanta food and entertainment house. Nightly food and beer specials like Wednesday's free beer with any burger, or Sunday's roast with Yorkshire pudding, veggies and red wine gravy will have you drooling. The menu here is not huge, but every item counts with such succulent and familiar items as bangers and mash, beef and Guinness stew, chicken wings or fish and chips with optional imported cod. The owner, Jamie, is on-site to make sure that everything comes out exactly as you've been craving. After...

Rock Beach Bar

rock beach bar koh lanta
Koh Lanta Nightlife - Rock Beach Bar Rock Beach Bar is the place to visit if you're looking to escape the rat race with some good times, sunset views and playful ocean vibes. Also you can't go wrong at a bar with an address listed on "unnamed road". The Rock Beach Bar is located on the northwest tip of Koh Lanta Yai, at the edge of a small peninsula where the waves lap up on either side of you as you navigate your way to the Coco Cape Eco Resort, the bar's host. Because of the resort's offerings, you can arrive early and have time for a massage or a meal in the restaurant before the sun goes down - which is a spectacle you won't want to miss at this perfect viewpoint. An array of seating options grace the rocky shores, including hammocks, swings, seaside tables and chill, treehouse-style...

Why Not Bar

why not bar koh lanta
Koh Lanta Nightlife - Why Not Bar Sand in your toes, a hidden beach, cold drinks - what more could you ask for during your getaway from all things fast-paced "Why Not?" It's a rather common saying you hear a lot around here, because when it comes to a swim in the ocean, another beer, or staying up late, it's the obvious answer. The Why Not Bar is the antidote to daily life in a city. Set within the horseshoe crescent of Kantiang Bay, this chill spot is almost totally secluded, save for the handful of other lucky businesses that reside here. You can kick back big time, because your responsibilities will never find you as you gaze upon the gentle slope of the mountains rising up towards the sky on either side. Thinking of grabbing a bite to eat? If you're hungry, grab a bite at the adjoining restaurant, serving up Thai...