Visit the stunning Koh Lanta Lighthouse 

The Koh Lanta Lighthouse is located in the South of Koh Lanta in the Koh Lanta National Park. It is on the top of the list of things to do in Koh Lanta and worst anyones trip.

It’s located at end of the road running North to South on the island on Koh Lanta. You will notice the roads just before entering the national park will become rather windy and steep and the views will get a little more dramatic, just continue on and you’ll come to the parks entrance.  The road comes to an end at which there will be a number of park rangers who you need to buy a ticket from.

Ticket prices are adults: 200thb/person children: 100thb/person. Well worth the entrance fee as the park is grounded around the iconic lighthouse up on top of staggering cliffs. The beaches on either side of the lighthouse are concave shapes and offer 2 dramatically different beach types. One is rocky and a more preferable location to choose for photography as the incoming waves crash and splash off the large rocks. The other beach is a more common sandy beach, long and wide with overhanging conifer trees providing ample shade if you want to spend an extended time there. There is also a network of trials which originate from the national park grounds and take your the hillside for great viewpoints of the whole national park. Keep your eyes open while on a walk as you can glimpse the range of biodiversity in the jungles of Koh Lanta.

The Koh Lanta Lighthouse is on top of the staggering cliffs and takes around 10 minutes to walk up. It’s a beautiful place to visit as from the top you can catch a glimpse of waves crashing against the cliff base and stunning view of the horizon while your standing around 100 meters in the air.

The Koh Lanta Lighthouse in the National park is well worth anyone’s trip and we highly encourage you to check it out.