Where to stay in Koh Lanta can be a challenging question. The island is over 40 kilometers in length and over 8 kilometers wide and the beaches and small towns vary greatly in what they offer and it’s important to stay informed on this information before you commit to a place to stay.

We have outlined the required information on each section of the island making navigation all the easier for you to plan your holiday and choosing your Koh Lanta Accommodation.

From the far Southern tip of and the relaxed beaches of Kantiang bay and Robinson beach to the busy Saladan town in the North where to stay in Koh Lanta is a difficult question to answer when the island is a varied landscape. 

Koh Lanta Hotels: Crown Lanta Resort

crown lanta resort
Koh Lanta Accommodation - Crown Lanta Resort The Crown Lanta Resort calls itself the palace resort of Lanta, and we couldn't agree more. With immense grounds built into the hills and valleys of a private peninsula, you can enjoy a panoramic beach view, surrounded by nature and luxury of epic proportions. The resort features a gorgeous swimming pool set on a cliff with ocean views and pool bar adjacent to the Cliff, Crown Lanta Resort's place for lunch and dinner. With weekly seafood BBQs featuring fire shows overlooking the resort's private beach, this whole area will quickly become one of your favourite spots. Walk down the steps to access the soft, white sand and warm waters of a private beach that's totally enclosed by tall cliffs, offering vacationers the chance to feel like they've entered their own secret cove. On the other side of the cliff, stairs lead down to the oceanside Reggae...

Lanta New Beach Bungalows

lanta new beach bungalows
Koh Lanta Accommodation - Lanta new beach bungalows If a fancy resort is not in your budget, but you'd still like to enjoy a few luxuries, head mid-island to the Lanta New Beach Bungalows. This mid-range resort is surprising - for the price, there are a lot of perks. First and most notably, the large swimming pool that directly overlooks the north end of Klong Khong beach. An archway with pebbled masonry announces the divide between the resort and the beach - mere steps, and a great photo opportunity! During high tide, you can nearly step right into the sea, and the beach is great for snorkeling. An adventurous climb over rocks to your right, and you'll find yourself at the tiny and somewhat secret Bamboo beach, sometimes referred to as "beautiful" beach. The Beautiful beach is just perfect for swimming or sunbathing. If you're more of a freshwater swimmer, jump...

Angel Lanta Bungalows

angel lanta bungalows
Koh Lanta Accommodation - Angel Lanta Bungalows If you're looking for budget accommodation but you're not into hostel living, check out the Angel Lanta Bungalows. Small and unassuming, you won't see a sign for it on the street, but you can look for the Mushroom Restaurant and you'll know that you're at the right place. A turn towards the beach will take you to this quiet and lovely community of bamboo bungalows. A standout feature here is their beautifully domed thatch roofs and peaceful balconies. Rooms are completely adorable and feature a fridge, hammock, clean and comfortable bed, hot water and a lot of charm for a very reasonable price. Most bungalows offer a fan with mosquito net, though a few air conditioned rooms are available. Some have wifi yet all are stand-alone, so privacy is not really an issue. Angel Lanta Bungalows' owner is on hand to help arrange tours, help with motorbike...

Phra Nang Lanta Resort

Phra Nang Lanta
Koh Lanta Accommodation - Phra Nang Lanta Deep into the quaint south of Koh Lanta Yai, you'll find the small and luxurious Phra Nang Lanta Resort. Tucked away in the exclusive and beautiful cove of Kantiang bay featuring playful, adobe vibes. Set directly on the desirable Kantiang beach, the Phra Nang Lanta features a small but pleasing pool just steps from the desirable sand. At which you'll find beach sports, loungers and tropical landscaping to go along with your sunny day. Kantiang beach itself is a major draw here, as its crescent-shaped sands stretch out on either side to rise up into palm-covered mountains on either side. The beach naturally creates an exclusive space that will make you feel like you've found your own private piece of paradise. You might be tempted to stay on the beach and enjoy all that it has to offer, but if you're more of the adventurous type, the staff...

Relax Bay Resort

relax bay bungalows
Koh Lanta Accommodation - Relax Bay Resort It's all in a name, and with a name like Relax Bay Resort, you can pretty much guess what happens around here. Located on the - you guessed  it - Relax Beach. The Relax Bay Resort is unique compared to other offerings in the area, due to its magnificent seclusion. With 48 private bungalows that blend into nature in a variety of settings, including beach side, cliff top, forest and family options with two bedrooms. With all of these varied options for travelers of all backgrounds and needs there's something for everyone here. Cliff top bungalows overlook the rocky heights that separate Relax beach from its famous neighbour, Phra Ae beach. Large, private balconies with comfortable hammocks overlook the sea crashing onto the rocks below. While a nearby yoga shala allows you to get your zen on with a view of the formidable ocean. Take a...

Sweet Life Community guest house

Koh Lanta Hostel
Koh Lanta Hostel - Sweet Life Community Guest House If you're including a trip to Old Town during your stay on Lanta and looking for a Koh Lanta hostel, The Sweet Life Community Guest House is a delightful. A small and friendly place to stay that has backpackers in mind, and lives up to its name with a community feeling and the sweetest owners. After journeying to the south end of Koh Lanta Yai, you'll be presented with the option to visit Koh Lanta old town, you should visit this place. Here you'll find the quaint and pleasing shops of the island's original commercial centre, many of them built right over the water. Often these shops feature original architecture and a unique feeling and atmosphere. Passing the Koh Lanta Old Town square takes you through a historical fishing village, with a long row of homes and businesses built on stilts. A tranquil...

The Houben Adults only Hotel

the houben adults only koh lanta
Koh Lanta Accommodation - The Houben adults only hotel Driving to the south end of Koh Lanta is an adventure, and you'll quickly notice the hotel industry begin to thin out the further South you get. As the landscape opens up to include soaring sea views and intriguing jungles, interspersed by the authentic island life of the local people. It's down here that you'll find the houben adults only hotel. The Houben is a very sleek and stylized adults-only boutique hotel, perched on top of a high cliff overlooking the ocean. Kid's Free hotel Taking into account the couples based demographic and their needs on honeymoons, or just getaway hoidays it's no surprise that the Houben is a kid-free zone. Though it's close to the beach, the real draw here is the awe-inspiring view into the chasm below. With the salty waves crashing into jagged rocks below, creating an artwork of swirling, white froth...

Twin Lotus Resort & Spa

Twin Lotus Resort & Spa
Koh Lanta Accommodation - Twin Lotus Resort & Spa Located in the heart of a local area next to Saladan, Twin Lotus Resort & Spa is a sprawling escape from city life on an island paradise. The Twin Lotus Resort & Spa right on one of the most private beaches around Koh Kwang, yet close enough to town making access by walking possible. Entering the gates to the resort and you'll find yourself being greeted by smiling staff, ready to escort you and your luggage by golf cart into the depths of privacy. Passing manicured lawns and seating areas, you'll arrive at the front desk, surrounded by ponds and showcasing the day's activities. From this front reception area you can keep walking to experience the grandeur of the resort. Resort features Twin Lotus Resort & Spa features The Bua Fah restaurant, a fantastic open-air venue featuring unique touches like daybeds, a library and a...