There are simply hundreds of things to do in Koh Lanta. This is why we have tried to distill that information into a simple manageable list of our recommended activities on Koh Lanta.

Koh Lanta is Krabi’s largest island, located in the South of Krabi province. Koh Lanta enjoys a similar geography to Phuket with regards to the islands orientation yet it’s is a slightly smaller. Dotted with numerous beaches and islands off it’s coastline, and numerous places to explore and keep you and your company busy on your trip to Koh Lanta. From the Northern market town of Saladin pier to the relaxing sands of Kantaing Bay to the restaurants hundreds of meters above crashing waves below in the far South of the island, there is plenty of activities in Koh Lanta to keep you busy.

Although there are many things to do in Koh Lanta, we do highly recommend renting a motorbike and exploring the island North to South. Stop at every beach along the Koh Lanta coastline all along the way, seeing and exploring to find your perfect place. The middle section of the island is the most busiest in terms of beaches and nightlife. Phra Ae, Long beach and Klong Nin being the main part beaches in the area. In the far south there are a few coves worth stopping at such as Kantiang Bay, Robinson beach and Bamboo bay, then there is the stunning lighthouse in the Koh Lanta National park which is sure to leave you with a great memory afterwards. All of that can be visited by motorbike easily at anytime of day you would like.

Overall there are many options for things to do in Koh Lanta and we hope our below lit is helpful in your planning your visit to Koh Lanta

Lanta old town

cultural highlight in koh lanta, a must visit
On the Eastern seaboard of Koh Lanta there lies a small villa of Lanta old town, a quaint little seaside town worthy of any visitors time. Once upon a time, before tourism arrived in full force to the beautiful Krabi province, Koh Lanta was a very different place. Imagine a small island in southern Thailand, bereft of commerce, inhabited only by local fisherman and small villages constructed out of locally-sourced materials. Acting as a safe harbour for Chinese and Arabic trading vessels en route to such well-known destinations as Phuket and Singapore, Lanta had its main port and commercial centre on the southeast end of the island in what is now known as Lanta Old Town. Somewhat out-shined by the quickly growing Baan Saladan in the north, Old Town remains a less visited part of the island, but don't let that fool you - because its historical charm and traditional architecture hold a unique...

Island hopping trip to Koh Rok

island hoping in koh lanta at koh rok
Visit the stunning water of Koh Rok Koh Rok is fast becoming one of the more popular Krabi islands. Now islands like Koh Phi Phi, Koh Hong and Koh Poda are getting more and more crowded. People are looking for alternative places to visit where they can find themselves completely alone on the beach and Koh Rok has just that. Actually 2 islands (Koh Rok Nok and Koh Rok Nai) which are separated by a short 200 meter channel of water. This pair of Krabi islands are located 40 kilometers off the Southern tip of Koh Lanta and well worth the trip. There are daily trips organised by a number of operators in the area. If you’re in Koh lanta for a day or a week we highly recommend paying a visit. Well thats as long as you come to Koh Rok during it’s opening hours (general daytime hours). The island...

Khao Mai Keaw Cave

cave trip in koh lanta
Splunking in Koh Lanta at Khao Mai Keaw Cave Thinking of exploring and seeing something different than the mainstream generic adventures available on koh lanta, look no further than Khao Mai Keaw Cave. Mid way down the island, on your way to Lanta Old Town you can start to see some small signs for the Khao Mai Kaew Cave. For any of your adventure seekers in Krabi, this is surly a place to get your blood and heart pumping. Make sure you put on your headlight when entering this Krabi cave as there are ladders to ascend, narrow channels to walk through stalactites to duck under  and of course plenty of bats handing up above.  It’s one of the best attractions in Koh lanta if your looking for an answer to what to do in Krabi, Khao Mai Kaew Cave will not disappoint any adventure seeker.  We recommend budgeting at least 2 hours to give...

Island hopping off Koh Lanta

islands of koh lanta, koh ngai is one of the best places to visit
Visit some of the best beaches Koh Lanta has to offer in a single day The Koh Lanta islands offer a diverse Koh Lanta adventure packed into one day and much more. There is just so many islands in Krabi, each one offered something new and unique. The islands surrounding Koh lanta are no exception. The 4 island hoping day trip is great for people who just want to get out and explore amazing islands. Also for those who want to see the most they can in a single day without getting too overwhelmed by crowds. Koh lanta is still a relatively undeveloped island so there is simply not as many people on the island in general. Many Koh Lanta islands are seldom visited so rarely will you have to fight with crowds. A day trip consists of the organizer picking you up at your hotel or villa. Then they bring...

Lanta Animal welfare

Lanta Animal welfare is one of the top activities in Koh Lanta
Making a difference every day at Lanta Animal welfare Founded some 10 years ago Lanta Animal Welfare has been one of the best things to happen on Koh lanta and quickly become one of the top tourist attractions on the island. Founded by an expatriate who decided to move to Koh Lanta permanently and began with a cooking school. She soon after readlized the dogs and cats of Koh lanta had no support and there e was no education for the youth. She she founded Lanta Animal Welfare with the sole purpose to better the lives fo injured and neglected dogs and cats as well as spread knowledge about responsible pet ownership. Since founding Lanta Animal Welfare the organisation has grown into a large group of volunteers and staff from all around the world for the sole purpose of helping animals in need. Visitors can walk, pet, play, feed or just laze...

Koh Lanta Lighthouse

koh lanta national park is a top activity in koh lanta
Visit the stunning Koh Lanta Lighthouse  The Koh Lanta Lighthouse is located in the South of Koh Lanta in the Koh Lanta National Park. It is on the top of the list of things to do in Koh Lanta and worst anyones trip. It’s located at end of the road running North to South on the island on Koh Lanta. You will notice the roads just before entering the national park will become rather windy and steep and the views will get a little more dramatic, just continue on and you'll come to the parks entrance.  The road comes to an end at which there will be a number of park rangers who you need to buy a ticket from. Ticket prices are adults: 200thb/person children: 100thb/person. Well worth the entrance fee as the park is grounded around the iconic lighthouse up on top of staggering cliffs. The beaches on either side...

Cooking class in Koh Lanta

cooking thai for in koh lanta is a great activity while on holiday in Koh Lanta
Learn the art of Thai cuisine in Koh Lanta Cooking class in Koh Lanta are a great activity while on holiday in Koh Lanta, for families, couples or whole groups. Learning about Thai food, the history of dishes and details about preparation is great for food enthusiasts. Everywhere you turn in Thailand you can find food, whether it be the street side food stalls, or the simple roadside restaurants. There are also the beach hawkers who will carry hot coals over their shoulders under ripe sweet corn, chicken wings, whole curried eggs or other items. Maybe it's the exclusive 5 star restaurants you crave, no matter where you go or where you turn you can find Thai food. The intense love for food comes from the Thai culture, focusing around whole families revolving the dinner table. Families sharing, talking, joking and just enjoying life over food. In a way it’s very similar...

Yoga on koh lanta

yoga on koh lanta
Work on your inner self by doing some Yoga on koh lanta Yoga on Koh Lanta is a total highlight to anyones trip here. Certainly one of the must do things while your on this little island of joy; Koh Lanta. If you’re interested in working some downward dogs or some tree poses you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of wonderful yoga studios all along the coastline, in addition there are also endless stretches of beaches and space to do your own practice  at your own pace. From the North to the South there are numerous spots where you can enjoy the quiet solitude of nature while you work a session of yoga. During Thailands early days and it's formation under the great Buddha, yoga was an integral part to everyday life. Buddha taught the importance of having a connection with our bodies was paramount. Yoga as a lifestyle or...

Motorbike rental Koh Lanta

renting motorbike in koh lanta
Rent a motorbike and explore the vast island of Koh Lanta Motorbike rental Koh Lanta are an affordable and great option to travel around and take in all the island has to offer. Motorbikes are common throughout Thailand, you can see them in any city you visit. They are the primary means of transportation for the local Thai population and have become the go-to method of getting around for expatriates as well. They are a great option to get around small towns or also for traveling over long distances. Motorbikes are cheap, easy to ride and come in a variety of shapes and sizes for riders of all levels. Maybe your interested in slowly cruising the windy roads traveling from North to South on Koh Lanta taking in the sights and sounds all on the way. A simple Honda Click or Honda Scoopy should set you up nicely for easy cruising....

Khlong Chak waterfall

the Khlong Chak waterfall is a beautiful place in koh lanta
Explore the jungles in Koh Lanta - Khlong Chak waterfall Located in the South of the island the Khlong Chak waterfall is one of the highlights in the region and should not be missed if you like jungle experiences. The waterfall is at the end of a medium length trek through the jungle of about 1 kilometer in length, the trek although only 1 kilometre will take you about 30 minutes as the trail is rather overgrown and you need to bat away trees and underbrush all along the way. The waterfall is best visited during wet season as the water flows more then so we highly recommend you visit from May - November. Don’t get us wrong from November - April, the hike is still wonderful and lots of fun, but the water is significantly reduced due to the seasonal changes of dry and wet seasons. Next to the waterfall is...

Saladan, Koh Lanta

aerial perspective of saladan town taken at dusk, a cultural hotspot of Krabi and Koh Lanta
A worthy trip for anyone coming to Koh Lanta It's impossible to visit Koh Lanta without passing through the island's primary commercial district, Baan Saladan. As the main port of entry for passenger ferries arriving from neighbouring islands, as well as the arrival point for incoming traffic over the siriluck bridge. The scenic docks of Saladan, Koh Lanta will likely be your first taste of this fantastic island. Access to Saladan is gained either directly from the Saladan Pier or by an impressive, recently completed bridge called Siriluck, that connects Koh Lanta Yai with its more local neighbour, Lanta Noi. Whether you're arriving by express transfer or the car ferry from Lanta Noi, your route will take you through Saladan. You'll have your debut into what bustling commerce looks like on this small Thai island. Originally a sleepy fishing village, Saladan has been transformed by the growth of tourism in the area. Now...

SCUBA diving in Koh Lanta

scuba diving in koh lanta
Explore the vast underwater world around Koh Lanta SCUBA diving in Koh Lanta is certainly a must do activity if your a diver already or ar considering becoming on as the dive sites are second to none. Koh Lanta is home to some of the best SCUBA dive sites Krabi has to offer. There are a range of Dive sites for divers of all abilities. most diving trips leave from Saladan which are easily accessible from Saladan pier such as Koh Haa lagoon, king cruiser, anemone reef and the all too famous Him Daeng and Hin Muang. SCUBA diving in koh lanta can be a very rewarding experience as there are plenty of shallower dives wish with soft corals, stingrays, groups fish and many other beautiful fish and invertebrate species. Then there is the deeper and more open dive sites such as Hin Daeng and Hin Muang which have frequent large schools...