Thinking of where to eat in Koh Lanta but don’t know where to start on this vast island paradise. Well fear not we’ve been there before, but after careful years, tasting the various options available on Koh Lanta we are proud to list our preferred options available to fill your stomach on holiday.

Koh Lanta is a vast place, an island stretching over 40 kilometers in length and 8 kilometers in width therefore finding the right place to eat in Koh Lanta can sometimes take you far and wide. We’ve tasted the tantalizing seafood options on the edges of stilted restaurants in Saladan pier. As well as the freshly caught tuna around Kantiang bay and laid it all out for you helping to answer that question in your stomach where to eat in Koh Lanta?

Restaurant prices:

There are many options for Koh Lanta Restaurants and where to eat in Koh Lanta. Often the question of which Koh Lanta Restaurant to choose revolves around the price. Don’t worry we’ve listed out recommended restaurants with a price icon. Now making it more clear and easier to decide where to eat in Koh Lanta if your budget conscious. 

Finally it might just come down to proximity when think about where to eat in Koh Lanta, you might not feel like spending 40 minutes driving to a restaurant. We’ve got you covered for this option as well, every Koh Lanta restaurant we recommend has a map listed in it’s post. This point on the map is fixed by our team as we’ve visited every place we recommend. Every point has had their location  confirmed on google maps so you can be sure the point given and correct and accurate. You might also be worried that no place on our list is very close to your hotel. We’ve tried to give a well spaced restaurants recommendation list on Koh Lanta. In the case that our list is not helping answer the question of where to eat in Koh Lanta, then simply head out to your hotels reception and ask them the nearest option or just head out on your own. Thailand is a country that is completely in love with food. So basically every restaurant you visit will be at least good. So fear not your stomach is in good hands in Koh Lanta and your question where to eat in Koh Lanta is hopefully answered in our page here.

El Greco Greek Taverna

El Greco Greek Taverna koh lanta
Koh Lanta restaurants - El Greco Greek Taverna El Greco Greek Taverna is a casual and lovely owner occupied restaurant located on the north side of Koh Lanta Yai, very close to Saladan town. With its dining area open on three sides, you can enjoy the tropical paradise all around you as you stay cool under the overhead fans. It's a real treat to be able to enjoy authentic Greek cuisine on this small Thai island of Koh Lanta. The owners are from Greece and came to Koh Lanta some 9 years ago in 2010, working in the restaurant industry in Greece it's no surprise that they would bring their expertise with them to Koh Lanta. Serving such dishes as traditional,  savoury moussaka, crispy spanakopita and Greek salad with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and onion you'll find all you need and more at El Greco Greek Taverna. History Open year-round, El Greco has been...

Faim De Loup

Faim De Loup Koh lanta
Koh Lanta Restaurants - Faim De Loup Faim de Loup is a delightful French bakery on the north side of Koh Lanta Yai just next to the small town of Klong Khong. The outdoor wooden structure has an easy, breezy feel and since it opens early it's the perfect choice for breakfast before the day's activities get underway. Classic breakfast dishes like bacon and eggs or omelettes are served with in-house baked bread and go for as little as 60 THB! For not much more, you can upgrade to the delectable brie and green apple omelette or try the chorizo or saucisson instead. Sandwiches anyone? Sandwich lovers have hit the jackpot here, with delicious fillings such as avocado, smoked parma ham, emmental cheese and the tender rillette de canard, served up on your choice of home-baked ciabatta, multigrain or baguette. Grilled paninis, charcuterie plates and exquisite salads will tempt you with their tasty...

Kunda Cafe

kunda cafe koh lanta
Koh Lanta Restaurants - Kunda Cafe Kunda Cafe is an true oasis for the traveling vegan or vegetarian. Sometimes it can be hard to find a good, wholesome and healthy meal that is tasty and not repetitive. But if you're on Koh Lanta, look no further than Kunda Cafe, Serving tasty Vegan and Vegetarian options that will blow your mind! Here you'll find the most delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies, jam-packed with protein-filled nuts and superfoods like acai berries. Fresh baked bread and handmade hummus, fresh, crispy salads and handmade dressings. All ingredients are hand-picked daily and dishes are made from scratch, offering you an attention to detail that you may have been missing before. The menu is not huge, but you're sure to get your dose of nutrition here, and all items can be made vegan, with attention given to allergies and dietary preferences. The small cafe is actually...

Same Same but Different

same same but different koh lanta
Koh Lanta Restaurants - Same Same but Different You might hear this familiar expression a lot while you're in Thailand - and Same Same But Different Restaurant lives up to its name. Offering traditional Thai cuisine served up in an impressive way, focusing on the small things, the details which often go overlooked on the first take, but when a closer inspection is given these details become more evident. Located on a relatively secluded stretch of Beach on the southern tip of Kantiang Bay, to reach the Same Same but Different you'll have to walk down a scenic bamboo catwalk that leads straight to the beach. Under the entrance you'll be greeted by smiling faces under the towering bamboo dome that shelters a spattering of tables overlooking the water. The architecture is entirely hand-crafted and made from locally sourced natural building materials, and decorations. Much of the decorations are reclaimed sea relics which...

Time for Lime

time for lime restaurant in koh lanta
Koh Lanta Restaurants: Time for Lime It's hard to know where to begin when describing the offerings of Time For Lime. With so many culinary adventures going on at Time for Lime, this is way more than just a restaurant. With a different tempting Thai "tapas" plate rotating daily, diners can enjoy the delicious flavours and textures of marinated or caramelized kingfish, deep fried papaya salad, various curries, or possibly some mango salsa rolls. Each plate comes with three items, along with sticky rice and a devotion to allergy awareness. As the menu is set, it's a good idea to check online what's on offer that day, but chances are you'll like how it sounds. Vegan and vegetarian-friendly, extras like crispy, veggie spring rolls or desserts like the brownie with lemon sorbet and peanut brittle can be added to your order. What to drink? There are plenty of options of what to drink at...

Danny Restaurant

Danny restaurant koh lanta
Koh Lanta Restaurants - Danny Restaurant During a visit to Thailand, sometimes there's nothing quite as satisfying as a meal in one of the small, family-run restaurants that dot the streets with their thatched-bamboo tables, and in Koh Lanta, we recommend the Danny Restaurant. Situated mid-island on a small side street right beside 7-11, the Danny Restaurant welcomes you into their family with kind smiles and a casual feeling of belonging - the same way you would feel with someone you had known for years. At night, the interior is little up by charming red lanterns that cast a warm glow on the interior, and a small scattering of tables are open to the quiet street beside. And the food - wow, the options! You can expect a large range of your favourite Thai dishes here, but you might be surprised at just how many regions are represented in the extensive...

Moo Uan – The Fat Pig

Moo Uan - The Fat Pig koh lanta
Koh Lanta Restaurants - Moo Uan "The Fat Pig" Moo Uan - "The Fat Pig" is located in the heart of Saladan, and with the dining area built right on the dock, it doesn't get more authentically island than this. Views across to Koh Lanta Noi make you feel like you could swim right across, and kids will love to look over the edge at the small fish swimming underfoot in the clear water, filtered by the nearby mangrove forests. With an extensive cocktail list featuring several signatures, adults will enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the entrance lounge, where you're greeted with a smile by the happy and attentive staff. Families and groups can settle in closer to the water, to peruse the mouth-watering fusion menu that features the best of several regions. Appetizers from around the world and classic Thai flavours are on offer here, as well as some...

Barracuda Restaurant

barracuda restaurant koh lanta
Koh Lanta Restaurants - Barracuda Restaurant Barracuda Restaurant located in the North Of Koh Lanta in the capital town of Saladan is one of a handful of establishments that take dockside dining to a whole new level. With an expansive, wooden dining room built right over the water, Barracuda Restaurant features a clean and modern interior space with splashes of traditional Thai style. The menu here is primarily Thai, with an obvious emphasis on you guessed it - seafood! The barracuda in particular is delicious, with twelve different styles in which it can be prepared, including deep fried with garlic or black pepper, spicy mango barracuda salad or the classic Thai barracuda spicy larb. The fresh catch of the day is presented in an attractive display as you enter, or you can order off the chef's recommended menu, featuring soft shell crab, prawns and squid cooked up in a variety...