Krabi Adventures – venturing out to see Koh Hong

Situated between the Koh Yao islands and mainland Krabi, Koh Hong is a place unlike any other. An archipelago of several small-sized islands, it’s arguably the most beautiful of all the Krabi islands and remains an untouched, undeveloped paradise. Here’s more about it. 

Getting There – Weighing Up the Options

Whilst Koh Hong is reachable by boat alone, there’s still a variety of options available as to how you choose to get there. Arranging to visit Hong island via a tour company is a well-recommended option; not only will they provide the transport, tours usually offer a number of activities too, such as snorkeling or kayaking. The clear water surrounding Koh Hong is ideal for snorkeling, where colourful fish and corals can easily be spotted, whilst the mangroves and sea caves make for an interesting afternoon of kayaking. Tours often take guests to other islands along the archipelago too. Tours can be booked at tour agencies throughout Krabi, with prices ranging from anywhere from 700 baht to upwards of 1000, depending on the type of boat and the activities included. However, with a tour comes a restricted level of freedom — you might not get to spend quite as long enjoying the activities as you would had you booked a private boat yourself. 

Private boats to Hong island can be chartered from beaches such as Ao Nang and Khlong Muang, where they’ll cost anywhere between 2000 and 3000 baht. With private boats, you’re pay per boat rather than per person, and you have the freedom to dictate your only schedule and activities — within reason. Both private boats and tours have their advantages and disadvantages, and it all comes down to personal preference; do you want to do your own thing with friends, or are you have to have a guide and a set itinerary? 

Things to Do On Koh Hong

Unlike fellow Krabi islands Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, Hong island isn’t full of resorts or bars. Instead, it’s full of the typical Thai island natural beauty. The main attraction is undoubtedly the stunning hong itself. Hong’s name comes in the form of a circular lagoon at the centre of the island, surrounded by imposing limestone cliffs that give the impression that it’s a room, with “hong” being the Thai word for room. Here, the emerald-colour water is cool and shallow, making it perfect from swimming and taking in the majesty of your surroundings.

Koh Hong has a number of scenic beaches that rival some of the more famous Thai island beaches, and are often much more serene and peaceful. Beaches on Koh Hong’s bays, Pelay Beach and those at nearby islands such as Koh Lao Lading have everything one could possibly want from an island — soft sand, glistening seas and breathtaking scenery of distant limestone karsts and islets. Great for swimming and relaxing on, visiting the beaches of Koh Hong show just why this island is said to be one of the most beautiful in all of Krabi province. 

Beaches and lagoons aren’t the only natural features of Hong island. There’s a small nature trail around 600 meters in length that transports you out of the beach surroundings and into the jungle. A pleasant walk on a sandy trail between the plants and trees, it also serves as an introduction to the wildlife on the island; white-faced gibbons, colourful birds and large monitor lizards have all been encountered on this short but peaceful trek through the island. 

What You Need To Know before visiting Koh Hong

As a part of the Than Bok Karani National Park, there’s an entrance fee to go onto the island, which is:

Adult 20 baht
Child 10 baht

Adult 300 baht
Child 100 baht

It’s also worth reminding that since this isn’t a developed island, don’t expect plenty of food and drink options. Tours often provide lunch and water, but those going alone should remember to pack their own. Similarly, there’s to accommodation to stay overnight on the island, though it’s possible to bring your own tent and camp there overnight for 20 baht. As a small island, there’s not a great deal of shade to be found, so don’t forget sun lotion.

If your interested in booking your own day trip to Koh Hong visit:

Private trip to Koh Hong, great way to see it’s beauty