You might think that Klong Muang beach nightlife¬†is quiet, and you’d be right. With a much smaller commercial strip than some of its regional neighbors, Klong Muang beaches nightlife has an expectedly lower-key vibe. But don’t let that fool you. There is still a lot to do once the sun goes down. In fact, the sunset is one of the main events around here.

With the main road set along a sandy strip of beach, most of what this area has to offer is seaside. Many of Klong Muang beaches bars are chill, oceanfront watering holes. Because the whole of the beach faces west, it’s an absolutely stunning place to watch the sun go down. As the light starts to fade, the twinkling of fairy lights adds romance to the evening. You’ll see ambiance such as this throughout the length of the beach. Nightlife in Klong Muang beach means sipping on cocktails by moonlight with your toes in the sand. When the evening tide comes in, you’re in the perfect place for some night swimming.

Rather than pumping electronic music, you’ll find mellow, acoustic jams. Relaxed vibes are complemented perfectly by structures made out of recycled driftwood and old fishing relics. Reggae is a common theme, and it’s tempting to imagine the night lasting forever.

But it’s not all sand and stars in the bar scene of Klong Muang beach. There is still something for every taste here. You can find some very unique and classy establishments amongst Klong Muang beach bars. Tasteful decors and signature cocktails define some of the finer aspects of Klong Muang beach nightlife. Klong Muang beach may be small, but it has the entertainment down to an art. Whatever your taste may be, you’ll find something to satiate your after-hours appetite.

An evening stroll down the beach may be all you need to decide where to kick up your heels for the evening. But if you’re still undecided, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Klong Muang beach nightlife spots. To take the guesswork out of your night out in Klong Muang beach, read on.