Klong Muang and Tub Kaek are quiet. In fact, the rugged peacefulness is what gives them their charm. But what about things to do in Klong Muang? Certainly, the beach is a major factor in many of the things to do in Klong Muang. Most of what to do in Klong Muang and Tub Kaek revolves around the sea. It is an ideal beach destination, after all. But although Klong Muang can appear quiet and sleepy. You’ll find that there are so many things to do here that visitors often come from other areas of Krabi to enjoy them.

If you’re a fan of lazy beach days full of sun, sand and saltwater, you’ve come to the right place. The beaches here stretch out for miles, leaving loads of room for a wide range of beach activities. Many resorts offer their guests complementary accessories such as snorkels and kayaks. Therefore the question of what to do in Klong Muang, might be a lot easier to answer. There is always a great time to be had just steps from your accommodation.

If you’ve wondering what to do in Klong Muang, your choices are not limited to the beach. Though it can be tempting to spend your days lounging around in the sand, we encourage you to look further. A variety of activities await you. Island-hopping adventures leave directly from the beach. As well as exhilarating trails lead to outstanding viewpoints. With the variety of adventures available to you here, it’s likely that you won’t need to leave Klong Muang unless you’re craving some city life.

As seasoned experts in the province, Klong Muang is one of our favorite areas. We love the laid-back charm and natural vibes of this lesser-known beach. So we’ve compiled for you our very own list of the best things to do in Klong Muang and Tub Kaek. Look no further for your detailed account of what to do in this stunning paradise. 

Minivan Trips (Private)

Minivan Shuttle Klong Muang
Krabi is well known for it’s nature and biodiversity. There are literally thousands of untouched forests in Krabi protected by the national park’s services of Thailand. The animals which roam the countryside and the destinations inside these national parks are what makes Krabi such a special place. It can be difficult to choose what to prefer to get around in Krabi. This is why we wanted to make things easy and recommend 2 options: Option 1: take a group tour to see the Emerald Pool, Hot springs and Tiger cave temple with number of other people, the price is around 1,300thb/person. Link: https://www.getyourguide.com Option 2: take your own private minivan and explore these wonders at your own pace. Stay at each destination as long as you would like, take your time and enjoy the nature of Krabi at your leisure. Prices are a flat 4,000thb for a whole day trip for up...

SCUBA Diving

SCUBA Diving Excursions
Krabi is home to hundreds of small islands all along it’s coastline. Each of these islands has it’s own underwater world to explore, each unique in it’s own rite so it’s only natural that Krabi is home to many diverse underwater places to explore and many top notch dive sites. With the whole of the Andaman Bay being on average less than 30 meters in depth the water stays a slightly warmer temperature and therefore you can often dive multiple times a day with no wet suit on at all. There are schools of travels, black tip reef sharks, numerous parrot fish fish as well the occasional whale shark which comes through the bay. There are soft and hard corals throughout the bay as well as giant clams of various colors. For the more experienced divers there are some dive sites which are a bit more advanced and offer deeper...

ATV Riding

ATV Excursions
ATV riding is one of the iconic tourist attractions in Krabi, riding on a vehicle through the jungles of Krabi following the part of an experienced guide, stopping at break taking viewpoints and exploring dense jungles, it’s a great activity in Krabi to keep you on your toes and giving your eyes a lot to take in. Companies run trips daily on a number of trails around Ao Nang and Krabi so no matter when you want to go, there is someone to take you. The only thing that can get in the way of a good day of ATV riding is rain and depending on the time of year you visit Krabi there can be more or less chances of this (See our seasons of Krabi guide). If your interested in going out for a trip on an ATV follow this link: TripAdvisor  

Hang Nak Trail Hiking

Hang Nak Excursions
Now if your looking to get a view of Krabi from the best viewpoint the province has to offer this is your go-to activity. The hike takes about 1.5-2 hours (one way) so it’s not for the faint of heart but the view is certainly worth the trip. The trail is inside of a national park so be careful of using your drone (See our article on Drone Restrictions in Thailand). You will need to sign in with the national park rangers when you come to the trail head, the rangers start work at 8am and finish around 6pm. If your really looking for a Krabi adventure, then wake up at around 3am and drive to the trailhead and start hiking by 4pm, you’ll be at the top of the mountain by 5:30-5:45 and will get to witness the sun rising from behind the tall karsts right in front of...

Hong Island Private Longtail Trip

Hong Island Excursions
This is one of the most quintessential activities to do in Krabi, you can hire a long tail boat for a day trip to the Hong Island chain. The days start usually around 9-10am (depending on your preference) when the long tail driver will bring you to Koh Daeng (Red island) for great snorkeling in 5-10 meter deep water. Then the next stop is Koh Hong (Hong island) where you will get to see the lagoon which is what Hong island is famous for, spend a few hours on the beautiful secluded cove of Hong island beach, have some lunch, rent a kayak for an hour or anything you’d like to do. After Hong island the long tail boat captain will take you to Pay Bia and Koh Lading, also fantastic islands to spend a few hours on as they each have their own highlights. After the captain will bring...

Horseback Riding

Horse Riding Excursions
Certainly not one of the top activities in Krabi but one we think is worth mentioning.Horseback riding on Ao Nam Mao beach is a great half day trip for groups and families of all ages. The day will start with taking a few minutes to prepare the horses, have a brief orientation from the head house trainer and then you will get the chance to ride on the sands of Ao Man Mao Beach. Depending on your level and riding proficiency you can take your house at a trop, canter or full on gallop just take with the trainer first. We highly recommend booking this trip in the afternoon as it’s slightly cooler and you will get to enjoy watching the sun setting off in the distance while you are exploring the mangroves around Ao Nam Mao beach as well as the soft sands of the beach itself. Added bonus you...

Rock Climbing

Horse Riding Excursions
Rock climbing in Krabi is one of the other quintessential activities to do in Krabi. It’s really understandable when you see the limestone karts up close and personal, they erupt near vertically from the forest floor to heights sometimes over 500 meters, and they are extremely porous due to the softness of the limestone. They are a rock climbers dream and have been drawing in climbers from around the world for decades now. Truly earning it’s spot on the top  activities in Krabi rock climbing is a great breath of fresh air, only you, your partner and the rock, nothing else matters, it’s almost a moving meditation if you will. Krabi has all varying grades of rock to climb, from the easy to the most extreme 8b and 8c grace routes, some of the worlds leading climbing come here to train and improve their skills. There are a number of climbing...

Spa Treatment

Rock Climbing Excursions
Having a day at the spa in Krabi is so easy as Thailand has become synonymous with massage and spas are all over the place in Krabi. Now although these spas come with a varying degree of treatment options and privacy they all carry with them natural ability to relax your stresses and put your mind at ease. In 2010 Boossabakorn Spa was opened and to this day continues to be the leading spa center in the greater Ao Nang area. If you are looking for a highly professional spa center with high quality balms, rubs and oils we highly recommend you visit our write up on Boossabakorn spa. If you’re looking fora more general simple place to get a massage and a facial we recommend you visit Number 9 spa center on Ao Nang beach. The team who run the spa center are one of the many spa centers...

Sunset Cruise (Krabi Spesialisten)

Phi Phi Islands Excursions
Looking for a great relaxing thing to do in Krabi? Well then you’ve come to the right place, Koh Phi Phi Sunset Cruise has been running for the past 10 years now taking guests on a quiet and relaxing trip from Ao Nang beach to Koh Phi and back again. It’s a peaceful trip on which you can get to see a vast array of islands which dot the horizon just off Ao Nang beach, then take you to the iconic Maya Bay which is where the movie The Beach was filmed where you can snorkel with large schools of sergeant major stripped damsel fish. Afterwards you get to enjoy a full array of drinks and traditional Thai food option to full anyones belly when you make your way through the Phi Phi islands and back to Ao nang beach where you get to watch the sunset form the...

Muay Thai boxing (Krabi Stadium)

Muay Thai Excursions
Muay Thai is one of those Krabi activities which can be seen all throughout the news, in gyms all across the globe and also all over Thai television. It’s an essential part to Thai culture and a sign of utmost respect for foreign fights who step into the ring. People come from all over the world to witness this amazing sport in it’s rawest form. With fighters coming to train for sometimes 1 year in length, every morning waking with the sun and beginning their grueling routine of kicking bags, shadow boxing and running, preparing them for their next fight. With Muay Thai boxing having grown so much in main stream media it’s a great activity to see an actual fight take place. Krabi is home to Southern Thailand largest fighting arena with seating for up to 2,000 people. Fighters come from all over Southern Thailand to train and fight at...

Catfish Farm

A lesser known highlight in Krabi, the Catfish farm was founded some 20 years ago by a Thai and American couple who wanted to preserve nature and offer people something unique. At the Catfish farm in Krabi you can see large pons overflowing with large catfish, tilapia and gourami fish, they even have an arapaima in one of their ponds. Fish food can be bought at the entrance and fed to the fish along your walk through the park. Keep your eyes open for the crocodile, box tortoises, free range chickens and most of all the resident pig who wanders the park or sleeps on the side of trails. There is a river running through the park which widens at a few small waterfall locations so if you bring your swimming trunks you can get wet under the canopy of the Krabi jungle. With bags of fish food costing only 50thb each...

Thai Cooking Classes

Cooking Class Krabi
Thai food is an international popular cuisine and rightfully so, it’s so diverse and tasty, well you’re in Thailand, want to learn how to cook it. This is one of our favourite activities in Krabi as you learn not only the how to cook Thai food, but also the theory behind parts of the cuisine. Classes with typically give you a few options for different dishes to cook so you can choose what you want to learn and the classes are intimate with only 6-10 students per class, so you can get the chance to compare and talk with other students while you learn and practice. A lesson for cooking Thai food can take a half day or full day depending your preference, we usually recommend going with the half day courses as cooking all day can be tiring and hot, but it’s completely up to you. For more information on...

Kayaking in Ao Thalane Bay

Ao Thalane Kayaking Excursions
Kayaking in Ao Thalane bay has been growing in popularity over the past few years, as more and more people want to explore this biodiverse region of Krabi. People come from all over to see up close and personal the amazing mangrove roots that dangle down into the muddy waters of the tributary rivers. More and more companies offering kayaking have been opening in Krabi over the past 10 years, now offering kayaking daily to anyone who want to take a trip. We highly recommend this activity in Krabi if you are looking for a little more adventure in your Krabi trip as you will have the chance to do some open water kayaking and get small waves splashing over your kayak as well as explore secluded bays and caverns lead by experienced guides. It’s a great activity in Krabi just make sure you drink plenty of water as you...