with so many Klong Muang Restaurants available, it can be difficult to choose the right one to meet your needs. Take a look below at what we’ve chosen s our preferred options.

Food is a big deal in Thailand, and Klong Muang is no exception. This quiet enclave is full of local delights. It’s small enough to host some of the most delectable local treasures, but large enough to satisfy some more discerning palettes. One thing is for sure : if you’re wondering where to eat in Klong Muang, you will not be disappointed.

Being so close to the sea, you can watch the fishing boats come in and out as you relax on the beach. At night, the horizon glows with the lights of fishermen bringing in their catch. Many Klong Muang restaurants boast large tanks and icy displays, advertising the freshness of the day’s catch. Because of the competition in the area, prices stay reasonable.

Popular here is the local delicacy, blue crab. Glistening squid and artful cockles rest on beds of ice. Additionally, black mud crab and soft shell crab are often enjoyed. So many delicious sea-faring options exist here that it can be hard to choose.

But if you’re not in the mood for seafood, Klong Muang restaurants have got something for you, too. Though the highlight is on local fares, Klong Muang’s strong resort game has it catering to many appetites. You can find almost anything here. Most Klong Muang restaurants serve an international menu. A few will even offer a surprising fusion of imported ingredients that you may have been craving.

With a gorgeous strip of restaurants in Klong Muang covering a length of the beach, you can easily go for a stroll, popping in wherever your nose takes you. But if you’d like to do a little more research, you can check out this list of our favorite restaurants in Klong Muang. Some are in plain sight, others are off the beaten path. From local and affordable to classy and unique, Klong Muang restaurants will have your belly full and your taste buds satisfied.

Baan Thai Seafood

Baan Thai Seafood Krabi
With the rich, warm ocean waters just a step away, there is no shortage of seafood restaurants in this area, but nobody does it quite like Baanthai Seafood Restaurant. This modest establishment is located across the street from Beyond Krabi Resort, and offers one of the largest selections of seafood around. Choose from several different crab, tiger prawn, mussel, fish or squid dishes, all for reasonable prices. Chicken, pork and beef dishes are all available here, accompanied by such delicious Thai flavours as green curry, chili sauce or basil leaves.  An array of different salads are also on offer, with meat, seafood, veggie or Western options. Pastas and homemade pizzas, burgers and sandwiches round out the menu, as well as an impressive selection of Gelato for dessert! Though it's located right on the main road, the open-concept dining area is flanked by rows of local vegetation, making you feel closer to...

Coffee Club

Coffee Club Krabi
With a name and location as unassuming as Coffee Club, you're in for a pleasant surprise as you walk into the covered terrace of this peaceful gem. Located on the beach side of the Klong Muang drive, just before the Dusit Thani resort, it's all about ambience here, with gorgeous, local foliage crawling across the lattice that separates the terrace from the lane. With no other business directly beside, the golden rays of the afternoon sun drift through the leaves, as you stay shaded under the canopy or comfortably cool inside the air conditioned indoor area. Soft, relaxing music plays as you soak up the vibrant yet peaceful atmosphere, whisking you immediately away from the activity on the street. The menu here is predominantly Thai with a good amount of Chinese dishes, and options for those craving a taste of home with steaks, burgers and pasta, all for outstanding prices!...

Gypsea Restaurant & Bar

Gypsea Restaurant & Bar Krabi
If you're looking for a place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere after a day of sightseeing, look no further than the Gypsea Restaurant and Bar! Located just off the main strip, this bar boasts a chill atmosphere, perfect for couples or small groups, with options to accommodate more. If you're hungry after the days activities, but not quite ready to go back to your hotel, this is the place for you. With a local feel and a relaxed, hip vibe, this small establishment will be just the ticket to nourish your body and prepare your soul for the rest of the nights offerings. The staff are some of the friendliest around and will bring you whatever you need with a big smile and make you feel right at home. The nighttime atmosphere is ideal for social groups looking for a relaxed good time and the daytimes are quiet, complete with a...

Kang’s Beach Bar

Kang's Beach Bar
Located at the North end of a long strip of beach bars and restaurants, Kang's Beach Bar is truly a taste of Klong Muang with its friendly staff,  happy hour and beautiful scenery to complement your dining experience. At high tide the warm waters of the Andaman sea will nearly lap at your feet as you enjoy such culinary fares as Thai, Massaman  and Panaeng curries, tom kha and pineapple fried rice. Low tide brings the option to wander over to a nearby small island for some exploration once your belly is full. The menu here is considerably shorter than most places, narrowing down the options that can leave a diner feeling indecisive at other establishments, while still offering options such as pizza, pasta, steak, or burgers. Choose either a traditional bamboo table or one of many casual patio tables, aimed in the direction of the spectacular Andaman sunset while you bury your toes in...

Pakwan Restaurant

Pakwan Restaurant Krabi
The first thing that you'll notice about the Pakwan Restaurant's menu is its size. This establishment prides itself on preparing dishes from around the world - and though the focus is clearly on  Indian food, you can satisfy your palette with Italian, Thai, Chinese and Western  food as well. Since the days are longer here in Thailand, you'll be able to afford the extra time to peruse the many options.  With several separate menus to choose from, the Pakwan does a great job of organizing their offerings for you. Whether you're in the mood for the layered flavours of authentic Indian food such as Tandoori, or the traditional Thai tastes like Tom Yum or curries, you're sure to be pleased. The menu is organized by meat, and though there is a notable omission of beef from the menu, you'll barely notice as you look through the options of chicken, lamb,...

Pine Bungalow Krabi

Pine Bungalows Krabi
An overwhelming quiet overtakes you as you as you pull down the steep driveway into the guesthouses known as Pine Bungalows Krabi. But this is more than just a hotel. The Pine Bungalows boasts one of the best restaurants in the area, with a tranquil atmosphere and humble, friendly staff - located on a private beach. Located on Long Beach, turn left at the lights if coming from Chon Pli or Ao Nang, instead of heading right into the main Klong Muang strip. Another left up a quiet road will immediately transport you into another world, as it's quiet on this end of the beach, and the views are spectacular. With covered and outdoor seating and options for large or small groups, families, couples or solos, the Pine Bungalows offers more than just a meal. A large garden patio with plenty of room for kids to run around, surrounded by glorious...

Ruean Siam

Ruean Siam Krabi
All is quiet except for the sounds of the ocean waves in the back ground, with the occasional whir of a longtail boat or the sound of distant children's laughter. Ruean Siam restaurant is located at the end of a "blink and you'll miss it" road off the left of the main Klong Muang drive. A large red and white sign proclaims the turn off, so make sure to have someone on the lookout! You'll immediately feel as if you've left civilization as you drive down the small path into the jungle, and when you glimpse the first signs of the ocean you'll know you've come to the right place. Located on a seemingly isolated stretch of beach, Ruean Siam is the perfect getaway for travelers seeking to get away from the activity of the main strip, and you just might want to spend the whole day here instead of just for one...

Sabai Ba Bar

Sabai Ba Bar Krabi
When it comes to beachfront dining with a flare, nothing beats the Sabai ba bar, on the main drive in Klong Muang, on the way to Tub Kaek beach. You might just want to explore the place a bit before choosing your table, as it features several separate areas with distinctly different vibes. Take your pick between an open, casual bar area, a rooftop patio, formal dining with an artful Thai flare, or traditional Thai style low tables and cushions; all with a spectacular views of the beach and distant islands. Of course,  Klong Muang beach faces the west, making Sabai ba bar one of the best places around to catch the most breathtaking sunsets, and the staff make sure you'll enjoy it by creating yet another seating area for dinner times, right on the sand, under twinkling fairy lights. With several options to walk on to the sand...

The Nest

The Nest Beach Club
Hours: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Phone: +66 75 817 000 If you're looking for a modern, classy establishment with an upscale, hip vibe the Nest Beach Bar is the place for you. A street front patio welcomes you with cozy bean bag chairs on a false green lawn, lending a museum-like atmosphere, even before you walk up the stairs! On the main floor, an ample selection of comfortable seating options awaits you, with a perfect mezzanine view of the ocean. Choose a long, comfortable couch for large groups, or bring the kids, as not only do they offer a high chair but something else much more special - a beach bar and pool! A second terrace below hosts another gaggle of seating options, set on a false lawn overlooking the beach. Take a refreshing swim on a hot day in the small but stylish swimming pool, and if you've forgotten...