Explore the jungles in Koh Lanta – Khlong Chak waterfall

Located in the South of the island the Khlong Chak waterfall is one of the highlights in the region and should not be missed if you like jungle experiences. The waterfall is at the end of a medium length trek through the jungle of about 1 kilometer in length, the trek although only 1 kilometre will take you about 30 minutes as the trail is rather overgrown and you need to bat away trees and underbrush all along the way.

The waterfall is best visited during wet season as the water flows more then so we highly recommend you visit from May – November. Don’t get us wrong from November – April, the hike is still wonderful and lots of fun, but the water is significantly reduced due to the seasonal changes of dry and wet seasons. Next to the waterfall is also a small cave home to a colony of local harmless bats, it’s a little +1 on the trip to the waterfall that you get to do a little spelunking as well. 

There are guided trips which you can arrange to go to the waterfall but are not necessarily needed so we would recommend you rent a motorbike or a car and drive yourself there.

the location on the map is here: https://goo.gl/maps/gtSprXfapzn