The river runs through it

Khao kanapnam mountain is an iconic landmark in Krabi and certainly one of the must see locations  of the province. 

The Krabi river which runs from the interior of Krabi’s mangrove estuaries out to the Andaman sea, on it’s journey to the Andaman sea it looks like it almost splits a mountain in two. If you look Eastward when standing on the rivers edge you can see the 2 distinct rocks as if they are falling apart from one another. It’s a beautiful backdrop to the popular mud crab sculpture which is  a popular place to take a photo from

Khao Kanapnam mountain is actually home to a large open cave system which you can easily access. There are numerous longtail boatmen waiting to take you through the mangroves to the cave for a small fee of 200thb/person. The trip takes no more than 15 minutes from the Chao Fah pier area of Krabi town.

The caves themselves provided a hideout for Japanese soldiers stranded here during WWII, there are actually statues of these Japanese soldiers acting out various acts in the caves.

On the way to the mountain you will pass by the riverfront village of Koh Klang and it’s numerous seafood restaurants on site. The typical tour will take you to the cave system, and then also to one of these famous riverfront seafood restaurants. where you can pick from a range of different nets each with a different species of fish to cook for your meal, seafood doesn’t get more fresh than this.

One piece of advice, we’d recommend you visit the Khao Kanapnam mountain trip during high tide as more of the mangrove waterway will be accessible and the driver will be able to take farthing into the labyrinth that is the estuary system.

Good luck and enjoy this natural wonder right in the heart of Krabi town, it only takes 3 hours start to finish, so what are you waiting for?!