Another beach by Todd Lerlost

Since the time when Ao Nang beach was first “discovered” and began to attract more and more visitors because of it’s beautiful blue waters and cove like beach and the backdrop of stunning towers mountains. It’s popularity grew day and night throughout word of mouth (as this was in the late 80’s when the first dirt road was built and before the internet) Even though the amount of tourists coming to Krabi was much less than it is today and access to information was scarce people still learned of this amazing beach Ao Nang and had to come here to see it for themselves.

Krabi Noparratthara beach

The beach grew every year, new hotels, restaurants and shops came to call this place home and with them brought more services and options for travelers providing them with a. better experience in Ao Nang.

All the while this place grew into what it is today most of the concentration on the area is focused on 2 areas Ao Nang and Railay (arguably because they are the most stunning and jaw dropping). All the while travelers and visitors to the area are often overlooking a significant place to visit, and the funny thing is that it’s just around the corner. If you continue on the main road which runs the length of Ao Nang pass through Ao Nang and venture another 500 meters and you will come over a small bridge to another beach. This is called nopparat thara beach and it’s a little bit of a hidden gem.

With the main focus on Ao Nang sometimes we overlook whats around us in other directions, nopparat thara beach is the perfect example.

It’s a long beach, about 2.5 kilometers (making it perfect for morning or evening runs) at the far right of the beach if a small island which is connected to the main beach by a sandbar,t so make sure you explore this place at the right time.

The main attraction for me is simple, the lack of people! Now lets be honest people are great, they have stories and ideas but sometimes for me I just want to be away for others, just me and my book looking out to the sea. nopparat thara beach is not completely void of people, but there are certainly far fewer people on the beach providing plenty of places to settle down under the shade of a tree and relax with the sand in between your toes.

Krabi Noparratthara beach

One of the best pars of the beach is that it’s right around the corner, a short five minute motorbike ride and you’re there! So take a little trip and see what I’m talking about.