Ao Thalane Bay, a little getaway a lot closer than you think…

Ao Nang, Klong Muang and Krabi town are all great places to explore, they offer you a number of beaches, restaurants and outlets to see and discover. They are also the main destinations for 90% of the travelers to the area meaning there will usually be another few (or more) people wherever you go to visit. If you looking to explore a region of Krabi where you are almost guaranteed to be alone and get to explore another side of the life of Krabi Ao Thalane bay might just be your new hotspot.

Located a short 15 kilometer jaunt from greater Ao Nang, it’s an easy place to visit by motorbike, car or taxi. Although there is no public bus service which offers government subsidized trips to Ao Thalane bay it’s easy enough to visit no your own. Motorbikes can be rented for as little as 200THB/day and taxi’s will generally charge 500THB/way. So you’re in luck it’s cheap and easy to get there.

Thalane Bay

Ao Thalane bay is nestled just behind a number of mountains separating it from it’s neighbor Along Muang making it the next stop up the coast heading into Phang Nga bay.

Ao Thalane bay is popular for photographers, nature seekers and of course people who love to explore and get lost. The area has only one main road connecting the region like a winding serpentine. There are numerous small side streets which shoot off form the main road in all directions. Some of these side streets lead to a depilated village, others lead to a unique fishing pier where you can hire a local boat driver to take you up stream where other have rarely gone.

Off the shoreline you can see a number of poles protruding off towards deeper water, don’t overlook these poles for they are one of the things which makes this region special. For under the murky waters lays a network of finally woven fishing nets which can sometimes extend for over 100 meters. These nets work with the natural tidal shifts of the region, they allow for fish to come into the shallower waters during high tide, then when the tide recedes back to the horizon they fish follow in it’s wake but must make it past these massive fishing traps. Therefore you can see doing low tide these shallow muddy tidal areas are full of local fisherman looking for the nights dinner.

The end of the main road ends at a pier, from this pier you can simple rent a kayak from one of the kayak rental agencies and head out to venture into the many tributaries which cut through the area. This is really one of the highlights for the region, for on kayaks you can see such a range of plants and animals, monkeys dance among the mangrove trees, mud skippers jump in and out of the shallowest waters and under the surface thousands of different fish species fight for a place in the mangrove roots protection. These mangrove forests area essential for the local ecosystem offering safe breeding grounds for numerous fish species while also removeing mush of the water toxins.

Thalane Bay


The end of the road is also where the regions pier is located. From this pier you can catch a long tail to the one of the better islands in the region Koh Yao Yai or Koh Yai Noi, both of them are sister islands and offer a different side of life. Isolated and calm, these islands offer a slow pace of life, stunning uninhabited beaches and simple local restaurants.

Surrounded by neck wrenching towering mountains Ao Thalane bay offers you a new type of day, and it’s a lot closer than you think. So what are you waiting for, just on your bike or in your car and get going. You can get to Ao Thalane bay by following route 4 and then when you come to a junction taking you to either Phuket or Ao Thalane bay, take the turn for Ao Thalane bay and you cannot get lost.