Why are all these people from all around the globe flocking to Ao Nang to live and build new lives?

We talk with a wonderful woman from Russia who moved to Ao Nang to start a new live and see what she has to say.

Hello dear friends, my name is Julia Sokolova I was born and raised in the small town of Rubtsovsk Altay, Russia. After graduation from secondary school I went to Novosibirsk to go to university where I received a degree in economics Which I used to begin my banking career. Prior to December 2011 I lived a normal life, every day was predetermined and I knew what everyday would bring. I would work in my bank, wait for the days to end and wait to travel on my various holidays, go SCUBA diving, visit exotic places and meet interesting people. It was on one of my holidays in which I was introduced to Krabi, which changed my life …

I moved to Krabi in the winter of 2013 and after only a month of living here I felt a truly powerful and warm energy all around. I realized that I was building my new way, living my dream in a place where I felt wonderful. All of us have dreams and to not see these drams realized should be a crime. I no longer wanted to live as if everything has already happened in my life, I was young and full of energy and wanted to build my new live in Krabi. So upon my return to Russia I talked with my closest friend Irina Morozova about my idea to move to Krabi and start a business, her first reaction was skeptical but after long talks she decided to join me in my endeavor, to come back to Krabi and start a business. she simply said, “I’m coming with you !!!” and a week later we were on an airplane and off towards a new life.

The question what we were going to do in Thailand never arose as we both love to cook, so naturally it came to us, we will open a restaurant. We were both brought up from childhood learning how to cook great Russian food from our mothers and grandmothers. Every dish we cook we put a piece of our soul and love into. Upon arrival we learned of a nice restaurant for sale called НАША RUSSIA or “our Russia” this was an excellent opportunity for us as the food is the style of food we know and love, Russian.

borshtWe bought the restaurant and then changed the menu to better suit the tastes we know Russian people love so much. Russian cuisine as any home kitchen, combines nutritious and healthy ingredients, the main feature of Russian cuisine is the richness in vitamins and minerals, especially those necessary in the cold season. Russian cuisine has long been famous for using ingredients from those most were available in Russia. Potatoes, one of the main products that we use in our kitchen,rich pies, boiled and mashed potatoes, dumplings, chips and more.

A special place in Russian cuisine is the salting and preservation of vegetables such as mushrooms and cucumbers and sauerkraut. Let’s not forget the favorite dumplings of Russia, namely Pelmeni, without this of course no Russian feast is complete.

At our new restaurant we pamper our guests with a variety of pancakes, supplementing them with various fillings such as salted salmon, butter, sour cream, homemade jam from berries. In this beautiful warm country we have learned to bake homemade brown bread, which is a favorite addition to every feast. Also from this bread we prepare a truly Russian drink; kvass. Kvass is truly a thirst quenching and courage giving drink. All this and much more, we prepare with great love and energy. Every day, we work to improve the quality of our food, we are always trying to bring a new variety to the menu

After moving to Krabi my life changed, I have learned a lot here, I now notice the beauty in every passing moment, Krabi has taught me to go through life with a smile on my face because when you smile the world smiles back.