A place you come for a bite and end up staying all night

Wandering into the small, waterfront commercial district of Railay East, you’ll immediately notice the low tables and cushions of the Joy Beach Bar. One of Railay East’s most well-known hangouts, the Joy Beach Bar lets diners lounge on cushions overlooking the mangrove forest and bay beyond. All the while patrons can indulge in a little food, drink and conversation. Originally just the small beachfront bar that you still see today. Now Joy Beach Bar has grown to include a full restaurant with an overhead balcony to accommodate a large capacity of people, making it a good choice for groups and meetups. While the bar remains famous for its cocktails (especially mojitos), the Joy Beach Bar has come to be known for its food as well. Many of the patrons have come to love the pizzas making them a favourite of hungry nomads. It’s not likely that you’ll see this place empty at any time of the day. Come evening you can expect to find a gaggle of chilled-out travelers enjoying delicious food and a drink or three.

Eating options

In addition to pizza and beer, you can find a whole host of Thai dishes, pastas, salads, burgers and crispy appetizers and snacks. Vegetarian friendly options are obvious and plentiful, and you can wash your food down with an extensive list of cocktails, fruit shakes and lassis. With an incredible view from the top deck and music to keep your toes tapping, the Joy Beach Bar is a place you might come for a bite and end up staying all night.

Hours of Operation : 11:00 am – 11:00 pm