A comfortable chair… A fresh sea breeze, a magnificent view of the sea combined with a bright gold- orange-red sunset.  A cocktail, glass of wine or a cold beer in hand – This is what the dream scenario for the conclusion of wonderful day looks like for most people. Here in Ao Nang, it is not a dream. Such an inviting scenario is readily found – the beach bar in Hotel Phra Nang Inn – right at the seaside of the beautiful Ao Nang Bay.

First you enjoy the sunset and then shortly thereafter Mr. Jimmy Patrick Roche from New York creates a great atmosphere with his guitar and his very unique voice. He is one of those entertainers who presents one hit after the other, and you feel immediately inclined to sing along. This is a place where you will settle in for a long stay, enjoying and relaxing. Here people meet each other or make new friends. And even the people, who are only walking along the beach, are attracted to the music like a magnet. Everyone is welcome. And so the crowd is an international mix of people from all over the world.

Mr. Jimmy has been playing at the Phra Nang Inn Bar for more than 6 years now and he has acquired many frequent fans and followers. Not only the expats who live here, but also tourists who regularly spend their Holiday in Ao Nang. So Jimmy has become an institution.

Jimmi Musician Aonang Krabi rare photo

In his formative years performed in Manhattan, New York in several bands before being drafted into army at the age of 20. He was stationed in Germany. There he worked for 3 years as an interpreter for the American Consulate. During that same time he performed in Schwabing – Munich’s entertainment mecca.

It did not take long before the music scene became aware of him and he got his first recording contract in Germany. And as it is so often is in the life, Jimmy opted to stay in Germany, founded a family and devoted himself entirely to his music.

He worked with international stars like Melanie, Donavan and German Jazz-rock “great” Klaus Doldinger’s Passport. Klaus Doldinger has strongly influenced the musical tastes of countless German music lovers.  Fantastic music which Jimmy helped create.

This year Klaus Doldinger released an Anniversary CD containing many of his greatest hits including some of his collaborations with Jimmy. The CD is currently Nr. 1 on the German Jazz charts. Congratulations Jimmy.

Yes, Jimmy is multi-talented. He is a composer, producer, arranges music, plays guitar and sings.

There is no doubting some of his greatest achievements include:  composing for TV shows like the famous German evergreens series “Tatort” and “The Investigator” which has aired in over 100 countries.

He also composed hits for Roger Whittaker from South Africa and has worked in the studio with the disco queen Donna Summer, Bonny M. and many others.

He has also released 7 CD’s of original material on such prestigious labels as, Warner Brothers Atlantic and CBS (now Sony).

But sooner or later everyone needs a holiday and so it was that Mr. Jimmy one day travelled to Thailand to explore people, the country and the cuisine. During his vacation he fell in love with the place and decided to stay here.

That was in 2008. After one year in Bangkok he moved to Krabi and now makes his home here.

Jimmi Musician Aonang Beach

His love for music has not diminished over the years which one readily sees and hears while watching him. His performances have all veritable concert atmosphere. He produces, and arranges all his back tracks in his own studio in Ao Nang which lends a personal touch to his unique renditions. It’s also interesting to hear Jimmy’s comments and descriptions of each song. There are background stories that connects his personal life with the songs or give insights to the songs origins. One cannot wait to hear the next story and the next song.

An evening with Jimmy goes by very quickly and leaves one thoroughly entertained, listening and singing along all the old and new songs and stories. This, combined with one or two cool drink at reasonable prices makes an evening with Jimmy at the Phra Nang Inn a special and unforgettable experience. And … it is not a dream, it’s a reality. Right around the corner.