There is just so many things to consider when visiting Ao Nang, every thought of some Ao nang Silver?

Thai people are  in general an extremely artistic people, this attention to detail and expression can be seen in many facets of their culture. From the homes and architecture they build to the food they cook, there is a distinct individual style which embodies Thailand. This style can be seen in many other areas of Thailand culture but we want to talk for a minute about jewelry and simple the varied styles and pieces you can expect to find throughout the Kingdom.

Himalayan Treasures Aonang

Thai people have an extreme reverence for their country, it’s history and its monarchy. In almost every businesses and home your enter you can find somewhere a poster or a picture of the current or past king and speaking ill about anyone in the royal family is against the law. It’s a place which has survived many conflicts and resisted European colonization in the early 19th and 20th centuries. It’s a place and a home to people who are extremely proud of what they have, what they have built and where they have come from. Their jewelry reflects this in many ways.

Himalayan Treasures Aonang

When you see taxi drivers, government workers, businessmen you might notice a rather shiny gold ring on their finders or possibly a bracelet or necklace. Ao Nang silver and gold is everywhere take a second look next time you walk on the street and you’ll notice many people wearing it. You’ll notice something different about the gold here, it’s brilliant! When Thai people talk about gold they are typically talking about pure 23-24 karat gold as opposed to Western standards of usually jewelry in 14 or 18 karat gold. The color is different, the mailability is different, the feeling is different. It’s unique to Thailand and it’s just one of the many things which Thai people are proud to show.

Thailand is not home to world glass gemstone or gold mines. It is however home to thousands of extremely talented craftspeople who can create immaculate pieces of jewelry. Take one of our local distributors of jewelry in Ao Nang, Himalayan Treasures located on the main beach road, opposite Krabi Resort. Himalayan Treasures was founded by a small family who wishes to share their designs with the locals and tourists alike in Ao Nang. The shop was founded in 2016 as a means to bring a more retail approach to their businesses which was primarily dominated by wholesale orders, there was a need to meet the buyers and soon-to-be wearers of their jewelry face to face. Himalayan Treasures although they do offer a range of gold products, their primary products wrap (literally) around a beautiful range of gemstones shipping in from all over the world and set in Silver for subtle yet beautiful pieces.

Himalayan Treasures Aonang

The shops owners utilize the skilled jewelry workers in Bangkok to bring to life their ideas and creations, so all of their prices on display are hand made in Thailand and designed and created by their owners themselves, making them unique to Himalayan Treasures and not to be found in other shops.

On display there are gemstones from all around the world here, there are stunning purple Tanzanites imported from Tanzania, brilliant Sapphires, rosy red rubies from Myanmar and of course perfectly cut diamonds from South Africa. They are all hand selected to ensure the greatest quality and then set into the destined piece of handmade jewelry.

Himalayan Treasures Aonang

Having been in the jewelry business for over 15 year the team at Himalayan Treasures can guide you through the process of finding the perfect piece or just help you with questions you might have about pieces in general.

The pieces available at Himalayan Treasures are a beautiful token of the craftspeople of Thailand, a wonderful memory of your time in Thailand and offer an authentic memory which you can keep with you the rest of your life.

If you are curious about jewelry while your in Thailand, please don’t miss this unique handmade  jewelry shop in Ao Nang, it’s worth the visit.

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