Visit the stunning water of Koh Rok

Koh Rok is fast becoming one of the more popular Krabi islands. Now islands like Koh Phi Phi, Koh Hong and Koh Poda are getting more and more crowded. People are looking for alternative places to visit where they can find themselves completely alone on the beach and Koh Rok has just that.

Actually 2 islands (Koh Rok Nok and Koh Rok Nai) which are separated by a short 200 meter channel of water. This pair of Krabi islands are located 40 kilometers off the Southern tip of Koh Lanta and well worth the trip. There are daily trips organised by a number of operators in the area. If you’re in Koh lanta for a day or a week we highly recommend paying a visit. Well thats as long as you come to Koh Rok during it’s opening hours (general daytime hours). The island is a park of the Mu Koh Lanta Marine National Park so the park rangers close it every May and open it again in October. This is one of the reasons koh rok is such a wonderful place to visit. The islands vast marine life diversity is given every low season the chance to regrow and heal making it ready for the next high season.

Highly recommended when you visit to take out a kayak for an hour or two and explore the turquoise crystal clear waters. Maybe take some snorkelling equipment and explore the vast underwater world fringing the entire island.

Camping on Koh Rok

The are camping tent stations set up and are available for use you only need to reserve them prior to your arrival. In this case visit the Thailand National Parks website, highlight the ‘Mu Ko Lanta National Park’, pick your dates and follow the steps. Then when you arrive you need only show your paid receipt to the park rangers. Keep in mind you cannot book more than 60 days in the future and you also cannot book for longer than 3 nights.

To reserve your campsite and tent please visit: