A little freshwater is all you need

Just before the popular beaches of Ao Nang, Noparathara and Klong Muang is the large Nong Thale lake. Sporting a range of spectacular mountains on the Eastern areas of the lake, a few small trees sprouting from the waters close to the edges of the pons and relatively few people to speak of, this is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a new activity.

Nong Thale Lake KrabiThe actual lake is about 10 minutes drive from Ao Nang beach, it’s a little complicated with directions so we just included the GPS points for the lake so you can put them in your phone and be sure you wont get lost.

Swimming is possible at the lake but we recommend you take a kayak for rent and just paddle around the lake. If you want a really amazing experience, then make sure you go to the lake at 4-6 pm so you catch the stunning sunset colours which really illuminate the lakes surroundings.

Best of luck and happy travels!

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Nong Thale Lake Krabi