ets be honest most people want to live by the sea, to hear to roar or the surf form your bedroom is one of many allures of living close to the sea. One of the more popular countries for ocean side living for Europeans and other nationalities is our home; Thailand.

Thailand – the country of smiles, full of beautiful nature with plenty of clean ocean and delicious food.

Today we will talk about how to build a house in amazing Thailand. To do this, we met with Michael, the founder of Aonanta pool villas, a completely new project located on the outskirts of Ao Nang. Aonanta pool villas are a group of luxury villas each with their own private pool and plenty of garden space foe guests to lounge and relax in.

Aleska: Michael, why did you choose Krabi to come and built your pool villas?

Michael: Krabi is a beautiful province, with unique nature, many caves and dramatic limestone karts, white sand beaches and emerald green jungles, it just seemed like the perfect place to settle down in. Krabi is also a transit point for surrounding destinations; you can get from here to anywhere in Thailand rather easily. a great advantage is that there is an international airport which welcomes direct flights from around the globe. Yet Krabi is still young in it’s development and every year it is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination tor travelers from around the world.

Aonanta Pool Villa Krabi

Aleska: Tell us how you began the construction phase?

Michael: You must first find the land where you are going to build your house or villas. To this end, in Krabi has several real estate agencies that are engaged in renting and selling land. I chose TEN Companies, Nico the sales manager has lived in Krabi for many years and has been selling property for a long time. Thanks to him, we found a great piece of land not far from Ao Nang beach, in quiet area sporting stunning mountain views.

Aleska: Each country has its own laws and regulations on the sale of land and building restrictions. Tell us what you need to know before starting the construction in Thailand?

Michael: First of all you must remember that to buy land in the property, if you are not a resident of the country is impossible. But there are land ownership solutions for foreigners, such as the conclusion of the lease land for a period of 30 years with the subsequent extension of the lease on the 30 and 30 years (maximum rental period – 90 years), or the purchase of land in the ownership of the resident Thai company.

Aleska: Tell us about your project?

Michael: Aonanta pool villas is essentially several luxury villas, each with it’s own private pool, fully equipped with furniture, a spacious kitchen and the necessary equipment for comfortable accommodation. The idea behind Aonanta pool villas was so that guests would feel at home during their stay.

The main objective was to combine the necessity of comfort for a medium to large family with all the modern ammenities while keeping the villas feeling like they were a home away from home.

In Phuket and Koh Samui there is a high concentration of villas, ranging in size and price. As opposed to Ao Nang where the number of high end luxury spacious pool villas is rather small and more exclusive.

Our main product private villa with swimming pool, large grounds and a barbecue area.

Aonanta Pool Villa Krabi
Each villa is designed so thats guests can come and enjoy the space as a large family or as be as private as they wish. Each villas has two bedrooms which are located on different floors and have each have their own separate entrance. Each villas has three bathrooms, a spacious living room, combined with kitchen and a large balcony which can accommodate not only the guests of the villa but also friends. Aonanta pool villas is suitable for any holiday and the managementt staff on site is there to ensure a great holiday getaway as they can assist with arranging activities, cooking, cleaning and making any recommendations needed.

Aonanta pool villas organizes transfers from/to the sea, escorts guests from the airport, also staffs a working chef who can cook Thai and European cuisine.

Aleska: Do you plan to engage in construction and beyond?

Michael: The project Aonanta pool Villas will continue to evolve and expand, we purchased land for new construction, so if others wish to build a villa dream it is possible to add to our villa collection.

Aonanta Pool Villa Krabi

Krabi is becoming a most popular place for recreation, property prices are rising every year. Ao Nang’s Infrastructure is continuing to develop, overall it’s a great time to build a villa or home Supermarket “Macro” opened a couple of kilometers from our project.
I can say with confidence that at the moment that Aonanta pool Villas, a unique project of luxury private pool villas are entering the high season with excitement and are looking forward to what the future holds for additional villas.

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Article by Aleshka Nazarova

Photo by Aleshka Nazarova