Our world is changing day to day, it’s making momentous steps forward in terms of technological innovations, as well as making their innovations available to more and more people globally. The world we live in is not the same as the world we lived just 2 years ago.

We’re all in a time and day where screens seem to somewhat take over. I feel hypocritical here as I write this because I’m looking at a screen as my fingers crash against my keyboard but this is the world we live now. Devices such as smartphones and tablets are often seen as more valuable than wallets, the idea of staying connected has taken over and basically our every neutron.

The concept that you need to capture a memory as it’s unfolding before you with your phone or tablet for the sole purpose of sharing it with your community of friends is a n idea that if mentioned to a person 20 yeas would have been greeted with an jaw dropping lack of understanding.

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We’re changing as a species, as a race, as a collective consciousness we’re all making shifts in how we perceive the world around us, how we fit it, where is our place, how much do I need to stay in touch to be accepted is a question and dilemma we all wrestle with.

We’re evolving how we perceive the world around us today, how we capture a memory or a moment to share it with others. Now there are so many options for us to capture moments and memories in ways which were before reserved for only super professionals with top end gear. For example a few independent films have been shot entirely on iPhones. Now what fits in your pocket is capable of capturing truly stunning images both for stills photographs and videos.

This trend by phone makers to develop the options for in-phone cameras is driven primarily by our collective desire ti watch a short video or film as opposed to look at a still image. The motion of an image on screen has always been something of a mystery and now that we can all make these stunning things possible we’re all enthralled. This is why such websites as youtube.com and vimeo.com are exploding with content. Right now over 400 hours of footage are uploaded to youtube.com every hour. Vimeo is significant lower but still a massive amount of content is being sifted through the doors at vimeo.com.

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In our day and age with the onset of the internet people are free to choose hat they want to watch, what information they want to know, who they want to see. Before when we didn’t have the internet at our beckoning call we were forced to tune into daily programming on any number of the major TV networks and watch what they were playing, we were not in control of what we were absorbing. Now it’s all different, we have total access to everything we want to see, if we want to watch wood working lessons on European furniture, it’s there. If we want to learn about Antartica melting glaciers, it’s also just s simple click away. We are in total control of what we watch and absorb, this is great thing as it allows for many more pole who have passion for something to develop a station (or channel) on which they can attract a following and provide people information on a topic and sometimes earn a living from this. It’s opened the aprs for creators to fulfil their own destiny and follow their passion while also providing vital information to the masses which was once before not available.

This new onset of massive amount of available information through video’s all across toe internet has let to a much higher need for video content to be created, for ideas to be expressed in a creative and intriguing way and in a way which will draw in people to share and recommend your video for their friends to watch.

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Now more than every video content is highly important for businesses individuals to present their product or service. It’s a growing trend for people to find a local businesses or get in touch with someone offering a service because of a video they watched.

If you’re interested in learning more abut how video content can assist your business growing and evolving in an ever growing market get in touch with some local video makers in Krabi.

Krabi is a growing place, talk with some of the people who can assist in how your business or service is perceived or how you want it to be conveyed.