There’s this incredible force within the heart of man that wields itself within every human being.  Causing us to behave in ways unimaginable. A force so strong that we would die for.  Die for others and even die ourselves; that force is love.

When preparing to write this feature concerning love I sat in reflection of the many experiences of love that I have had in my lifetime. Love for parents and siblings, loving friends, my first love as a teen, love of my spouse and the love towards my children.  Even the love that I feel towards my one and only pet, my dog “Prince Sampson”. As I dwelt on these relationships the edges of my lips perked upwards as I smiled about the immense pleasure that I’ve had in experiencing love towards these lives.  As I remained in thought I too began to reflect on the pain that I have felt in loving as well. Things like failed relationships, conflicts in communication, times when it felt as if we were two individuals who suddenly had nothing in common and we were no longer on the same page in life. The pain of my parents passing and the overwhelming sense of helplessness when the love that I felt towards individuals did not seem to be reciprocated.

Broken Heart Krabi

As a Life Coach and Health Minister I’ve been able to help others navigate through some of the most unbearable experiences in their lives. Not only through my training but my own personal identification with the individuals whom have entrusted themselves to expose their brokenness and immense personal pain with me. As the saying goes, “Love is blind”. So are the emotions that surround love and how both euphoria and craze can be experienced from this incredible force.

Broken Heart Krabi

When most talk about love and when we see it displayed in the movies, books and even heard in love songs. A distinctive picture is painted of one heart melding with another. One who will be willing to go to the ends of the earth to see the other happy and well served. We see two people who are intentional about their pursuit towards a never ending story; happily ever after. Yes, in love we should and will experience most if not all of these feelings and experiences.  However, there is a stark reality of another picture that is often times overlooked or surely not disclosed.  This is the crazed side of love.  A time and place where one love may be distracted in his or her own personal journey and the other may feel overlooked or unloved.  Or when one was looking for love and not emotionally or communicatively mature enough to share where they are in their personal love process.  Unable to actually reciprocate the great responsibility that love brings into the relationship. The great damage that can be done if love is not only taken but given as well. When we watch movies we rarely see a picture painted of love. Where individuals are shown how to love, be loved, be hurt, be reconciled or ‘in love’ conclude that they both mutually agree to bless one another to find love elsewhere. Too, where these two parties can now have the freedom to find love and be loved by another. It’s not until oneself falls in love that they realize that love is as complex as understanding how your eyeball functions.  Too, the act of love is a tremendous one and with it we must be responsible in the most serious of ways at how we use it.

Broken Heart Krabi

Most would agree that love does make the world go round. Yet for those who have experienced love and have lost it.  These dear souls may feel as if their world is literally coming to an end and for some it does. The emotional affects that loss of love has on an individual as staggering. Equally staggering are the affects that the loss of love can have physiologically as well.  It is not short of a pun when you hear of people suffering from a broken heart and there is evidence to back it up.  Below are just a few of the more common effects revealed when one is suffering from a broken heart.

  • Depression: This mental state induces lack of energy, fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, muscle contractions, sleeping too much, night terrors, not enough sleep and lethargy, irrational thoughts, social withdraw
  • Digestive Dysfunction: reduction of appetite, binging, nausea, indigestion, increase or decrease in weight
  • Body interruptions: Chest or heart pain, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness
  • Weakened immune system: When the immune system is weakened the lovelorn are susceptible to an increase in the risk of sickness

Even though we can see clearly the negative impact that the broken heart syndrome has on many; there’s still hope. The beauty of love is that it fills one with hope.  Hope is on our side and it stands partnered with the greatest cure-all for a broken heart and that is time. It may not seem like it in the beginning but time heals all.  So if you have loved please know that time will heal what seems to have ben lost.

by Zina Docto

Zina is the founder of “i AM WOMAN”: Educating woman to discover their health and beauty from the inside out: overcome weight issues, sickness and disease.


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