Relax in nature’s own hot tub in the South of Krabi province in Klong Thom district, around seventy kilometers from town and near the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. Khlong Tom Hot Spring Waterfall is a natural hot stream flowing through the jungle with several small waterfalls.

The water here comes from thermal springs, originating deep underground in volcanic chambers. Located in the jungle, this site features naturally hollowed-out ‘bathtubs’ in the smooth stone, filled to the brim with fresh running spring water at a pleasant 35-42 degrees.

Hot Stream KrabiThe heat and the stream of the pure mineral water in this waterfall are believed to have healing and restorative powers and the natural surroundings will bring a peacefulness and serenity. You can get rid of your aches and pains amid the stunning natural beauty as well. The mineral salts contained in the hot spring water are said to ease a number of ailments, including rheumatism, sciatica and skin complaints.

Limestone rocks with steaming water will amaze you and some parts of the waterfall will provide ponds for you to dip yourself in and also let the natural spa rejuvenate your body.

The effect of simply lazing in hot water up to your chin, watching the clouds go by  certainly has positive health benefits. After a soak, take a refreshing dip in the cool river below.

Due to the popularity of the springs, water from the source has also been diverted into larger man-made bathing pools on the same site and basic changing facilities are now available for visitors.

Originated from the lowland forest of Khao Nor Juji, supposedly Thailand’s last piece of lush forest, this hot spring is a must-see destination. Prepare to be impressed by spectrums of turquoise streams that shift in different light and time of the day. To experience the most intense emerald color, visiting at dawn or early in the morning is highly recommended.

Located at Amphur Klong Tom in Krabi Province, Thailand.

The site is 55 kilometers from Krabi Town and 75 kilometers from Ao Nang. Take Highway Number 4 to Khlong Thom district and turn left to Route Number 4038 heading to Lam Hap Sub District and you will see the Hot Stream sign.

Open daily from 08.00 am to 5.00 pm