The past decades have seen hotter and hotter years, in fact every year has been breaking the years previous records, and there shows no signs of stopping.

The vast majority of the scientific community agrees that the vast spike in global tempts is a direct case form our own actions as human beings on this planet. Our presence and lifestyle has lead to the increased amount of CO2 gas particles in the air and the CO2 gas acts like a net trapping in heat from the sun. Virtually the only people who don’t agree with this simple fact re those lobbyists and politicians and of course employees for the fossil fuel industry. Although many governments have started taking steps towards offsetting their carbon footprint and possibly stopping or at least curbing the annual increase in new CO2 being edited into the atmosphere.

The world is changing no way of denying it, some still don’t agree on why is changing (but they’ll come around soon enough), but one thing we can all unameously agree on is that the world is changing.

As we said before this increased change comes from the producing of CO2 and other gases such as CH4 and N2O. These gases come from many places in our planet and our industries, not all of them are man made but some of the largest contributors are from man and his actions. The first and foremost as we all can guess is of course the burning and refinement of fossil fuels, natural gas, petroleum, and coal. These are by in large the largest producers of green houses gases but would you expect that in close second is agricultural use.

Thats right agricultural use, well whats agricultural use you might ask?

Agricultural use is everything relating to growing crops and livestock as well as deforestation and carbon released from dead organic matter our to farming practices. The largest contributors to this category are by far growing crops and livestock. This is because when livestock (primarily cows, sheep, pigs and goats) eat they build up food in their stomachs which needs to be broken down and digested. The difference between humans and livestock is that when livestock digest their food they produce a large (proportionally speaking when compared with humans) amount of methane gas. This methane gas is excreted through their anus and through the mouths’. It has been estimated that a single cow products between 30-50 gallons of methane gas daily, which might not sound like much but with and average of 1,400,000,000 cows worldwide thats a lot of methane gas. Thats not including the other livestock we take for granted either.

Vegas in Krabi

Basically our farms are not producing all of the green house gases in our atmosphere but they are producing a significant portion of them. 

Why are we talking about this?

This month we thought it would be good for you to be up to speed on the issue and possibly consider some healthy alternatives for what to eat and how your diet can make a difference.

Just to keep in perspective it takes approximately burning 11 times as much fossil fuel to produce a calorie of grain or vegetable as it does to produce a calorie of meat.

It has also been estimated that if the world gave up meat entirely our global CO2 levels would increase only 7% over their current levels over the next 30 years. Thats a big difference compared to where they are projected to be if we continue on our current pate and that is 42% more than they are now.

Basically you have the power to do something, you have the power to use your plate to stand up to the change, with your diet you can directly affect the world.

In Krabi you might be looking for some restaurants which are specifically built and designed with vegans in mind. Well we’ve been searching high and low and have found some exclusively vegan restaurants for you to try a bite at.

Vegas in Krabi

The first one is located in downtown Krabitown just next to the sober toothed tight traffic light. The GPS points are here:

 8.067083, 98.915218

The second one is located just outside town on Maharat road, the GPS coordinated are here:

8.093171, 98.904029

Happy and conscious eating!