Certainly not one of the top activities in Krabi but one we think is worth mentioning.Horseback riding on Ao Nam Mao beach is a great half day trip for groups and families of all ages. The day will start with taking a few minutes to prepare the horses, have a brief orientation from the head house trainer and then you will get the chance to ride on the sands of Ao Man Mao Beach. Depending on your level and riding proficiency you can take your house at a trop, canter or full on gallop just take with the trainer first.

We highly recommend booking this trip in the afternoon as it’s slightly cooler and you will get to enjoy watching the sun setting off in the distance while you are exploring the mangroves around Ao Nam Mao beach as well as the soft sands of the beach itself.

Added bonus you will usually be able to take the horses swimming if you’d like, ask the trainer before though.

If you’re interested in riding on the soft sands of Ao Nam Mao beach on the back of a great stallion follow this link: TripAdvisor