So go the feelings washing over those that dare to push themselves to an extreme level of adrenaline seeking at Hollow mountain. The adrenaline, the shock, the relief, it’s all there at Hollow mountain.

Hand built by two friends, one a veteran rock climber one a passionate adventurer, the process to build this amazing park took just over four years. January 2016 Hollow mountain was officially opened  and has now taken shape as the most extreme adventure park of Krabi, (if not Thailand).

Located only a short 10 minute drive from Ao Nang and Krabitown this adventure park is fast becoming one of the must do activities in Krabi. Take your pick of any of the extreme adventures to be had at Hollow mountain, form the smaller “junior swing” (it really gives a new meaning to the word “junior”), or climb your way 80 meters vertically on a via ferata (a steel ladder drilled right into the rock face) to the top of an immense karst and enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the rocks and landscape below. Or do you dare to try the emperor swing? Take the plunge 100 meters with nothing but a double safety line to swing you though the air at sound braking speeds. It’s all at Hollow mountain. Oh wait we almost forgot the 200 meter ”Terminator” zip line which takes you from platform to platform at over 40 kilometers/hour with your feet dangling 60 meters above the primary jungle below. This zipline  is almost certainly unlike any zipline you’ve done before, as like everything else at Hollow mountain it is designed to terrify you to the max. Instead of gently decelerating like other ziplines, this one accelerates towards a rock face until the very last second, when the brakes kick in and bring you to a surprisingly gentle stop.


The climb up to the “base camp” area is about a 30 minute walk through the jungle, which also provides for some wonderful viewpoints and areas to take photos. Once at basecamp the owners and guides give a great rundown of how things will progress and safety considerations, then it’s off to the climb, strap up lock in and hang on you’re on your way up.

The team at Hollow Mountain makes safety a number one priority, given the nature of the activity it is comforting knowing that basically everything is doubled for safety. Double harness straps, double safety lines, double jump lines and so on and so on. All of these lines are checked prior to every jump day y the management personally so you can rest assured the equipment is in top notch working order.

Our favorite activity at Hollow mountain was by far the emperor swing. Standing on the edge of the jump platform really makes you see into yourself, can I do it you ask yourself? your feet just on the edge of the platform, on the ground a number of onlookers gaze up at you waiting to catch a video of your imminent jump. You take one look forward, a deep breath, close your eyes and step out into the air. 2 seconds of free fall follow then a soft tightening of the swing line and then the favorite; an elongated slingshot effect where you are rocketed out over massive trees to gain an absolutely stunning panoramic view. Afterwards you swing backwards underneath the archway and back again slowly losing momentum until you are lowered to the forest floor. The feeling of total weightlessness is breathtaking, the knowledge that you just did something few in world ever have done is amazing, the feeling of soft ground underfoot afterwards seems slightly alien. Nowhere in the world can you enjoy such adrenaline pumping action than at Hollow mountain.


Don’t let us have the last word, do it yourself and write us about your experience and tell us what you think.

It’s all about the fun of it all, the fun of getting away from cars, motorbikes, roads and buildings and just getting out in the jungle for some real fun.

This is a fantastic activity for those who wish to feel their heart under their chest, for those who wish to push themselves, for those who want to come home with an amazing photo and story to tell. We strongly recommend this activity.


Hollow Mountain Krabi

GPS 8.079277, 98.848872