Hike on to capture the beauty from a birds eye view

If your idea of an ideal island getaway includes more than just sand and sun, you’re in luck. Phi Phi is more than just a pretty face. There’s quite a bit to do around here, and not all of it requires a boat. The Phi Phi viewpoint hike is an easy and popular path to one of the most well-known views of this island. The iconic hourglass shape of Phi Phi Don’s double bays might be the most photographed thing here, and your perfect opportunity is only a short distance away. More of a walk than a hike, the vista is easily reached from the centre. Heading north, your ascent will begin with a steep set of concrete stairs. Up you’ll go, probably earning a little sweat along the way. The heat of the sun can be magnified up here. Therefore, make sure you bring along sunscreen, water and a hat.

After about ten minutes of climbing, you’ll reach the first viewpoint. You’ll need to provide a 30 baht entrance fee to help maintain the area before continuing. You can linger here to pose with fruit-shaped statues. Even better, push on up the slightly uphill path that takes you to viewpoints two and three. In another ten minutes you’ll find yourself on top of the hill, with a breathtaking view of the islands below. You’ll likely share the vision with several other stair-climbers, who usually take a moment to lounge around at the top. A small shop here lets you restock on the water you drank along the way, as well as offering a few souvenirs and snacks. Although a cafe is on-site for the hungry, prepare to pay extra for the location. The overhead sun highlights the water below into a bright aquamarine between the hours of around 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, though around this time it can be rather hot. Since the viewpoint is open from 5:30 am – 7:00 pm, you can choose a sunrise or sunset climb as well, just be sure to bring along a flashlight.