Take a short 30 minute climb to look out over all of Railay beach

Days on Railay Beach can easily be lazy, relaxed and full of sand, sun and delicious meals. If you’re the type of traveler who is craving a bit of adrenaline and activity, there’s something for you as well. In addition to all the world-class rock climbing, hikers and scramblers can have their fix on the Railay viewpoint and lagoon hike. Actually two separate hikes that split off near the Viewpoint on railay beach, this is a popular trail that will leave you exhausted, exhilarated, very dirty and blown away by the panoramic vision of the bay below. Though the trailhead is not exactly hidden, it is easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. Located on the left side of the path connecting Railay Beach East to Phra Nang Beach. You’ll start your ascent across from a small covered structure. The path gets you down to business straight away, on what is essentially a climb up a vertical wall of rocks and mud, assisted by a rope. With careful footing, you’ll navigate your way up this rugged scramble, watching out for the foot and hand holds that have become smooth and polished over years of use. The trail levels off considerably after this, but you still may require the assistance of ropes or vines, and it’s still a wise idea to watch your step. After about 20 minutes you’ll be rewarded with a scenic vista of almost the entire Railay beach peninsula – a view that’s worth a little dirt and effort. All the while you best watch out for the sheer drops throughout the hike! As the viewpoint faces west, it is an excellent place to watch the sun go down, just don’t linger too long, as you won’t want to be coming down from the Viewpoint on railay beach in the dark.

railay beach lagoon

If you’ve left a little early in the day for sunset, there’s always the chance to double back for a small stretch and then take a second, barely marked trail to continue to the lagoon on Railay beach. A venture most people don’t brave, the lagoon hike will soon have you scrambling down rocks into the innermost chambers of the cliff. If you were already daunted by the ascent to the viewpoint, we’d recommend heading back now, because the climb back up is mostly unassisted by ropes. If you’re bold, you just might have a little privacy as you hike for around 25 minutes more to a hidden tidal pool surrounded on all sides by the enclosing cliffs. You can go for a dip to wash off the mud and sweat if you’ve timed your arrival to coincide with high tide, otherwise you’ll be able to walk around almost the entire perimeter of the lagoon to check out its secrets. The only way out is the way you came in, so be prepared to for some cliff scaling!

Depending on how long you linger, both trails together can be done in around two hours round trip, but make sure you give yourself some extra time to soak it all in. Since the trail can get extremely slippery, it’s not a good idea to attempt it after a rain or without proper footwear, and don’t bring kids – it’s simply too dangerous. If you’re into a physical, muddy and rewarding experience, make sure you check out this thrilling adventure of hiking to the viewpoint on Railay Beach.